In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 36


Afterwards, I continuously asked sensei to remove the towels.

One way or another, he’s kind after all……

No, stop, me. Selfishly tying up your hands and feet, taking an embarrassing picture, and finally, identifying him as [kind] just because he removed the towel, is that alright?

After worrying endlessly, he flicked my forehead.

[What are you making a difficult face for?]

In an exasperated tone, my mouth let out displeased words.

[It’s your fault. I mean, sensei, about me, you thought I was easy, right?]

Falling easily just because I was approached, I feel pathetic.

Saying it somewhat frustrated, he made a seriously surprised face.

[Hah? What are you saying? An easy woman led me around like this?]

[‘Hah?’ to that too. I didn’t led you around!]

[‘Hah?’ to that too…… It’s unbelievable you aren’t self-conscious.]

I humphed as he said it as if being amazed.

However, when I thought that he won’t continue the conversation, he asked [Wanna take a shower?]

I was taken aback with his sensible question and went ‘OOOHHHH!?’ in my mind.

Certainly, he was looking after me.

I mean, he’s an adult after all…….

Honestly nodding, I borrowed his shower taking him up on his offer but———

[……..Sensei. What about my clothes?]

[I’m washing it.]

Sensei looked over while grinning, I wanna give him a flying kick.

Actually, right now, I’m wearing a [Boyfriend shirt]. Moreover, with no panties on.

—–It’s so embarrassing, I just wanna die.

[A Rina wearing my shirt, it’s totally inviting…..]

Sensei, your eyes are turning into a beast! You’re staring too hard!

[Ah—, you’re so cute…..]

Groaning as he said so, he embraced me.

[I’m really glad I got you. I’ll never let you go……]

Talking on his own, I felt somewhat strange.

Here is the world of an R-18 otome game, thinking back to my past life, I’m a super old woman, sensei is a super ikemen capture target……

It’s such an unimaginable situation but, for some reason, to me, my reality is here, I ended up falling in love.

Well, it’s not that there aren’t a lot of things to think about but, in a sense, this is also happiness.

[I, love you, sensei]

——-I should at least tell him once properly.

I told him as I thought so and his eyes went wide open.

Seeing his defenseless face, I secretly laughed.

[I love you too—-]

What I heard back were sweeter words and, the clanking of a metallic sound.

………….. Hmm? A metallic sound…….?

As soon as I heard that sound, I had a bad premonition, and when my eyes landed on my wrist, there was a silver handcuff around it along with a long chain extending from it………


[I love you, my wife. I definitely won’t let you leave this place.]

I timidly raised my head to him.

You wouldn’t think we just reciprocated each other’s feeling from what I saw, it was his fierce eyes glaring at me.

—–Wha, what? Did I, miss?

Unable to have the guts in the present situation, he pushed me down the bed, and while handcuffed, he single-mindedly penetrated me as I gasped.

In such a situation, I didn’t understand what was happening.

If I went home late, Papa Hiro, Papa Shou, and Papa Minoru would go crazy, and along with everyone from the Mikawa Group, they would come over and strike at this apartment.

To say the least, the three people who I thought were my fathers were actually total strangers but for some reason approached me.

Tounouin-kun who was just a classmate seriously confessed to me.

Furthermore, disgusted with the game heroine’s plain bullying and telling her she’d meet the chairman at the 2nd Library Hall, the next day, she didn’t come to school again…….

And then there’s me who was being toyed by sensei and covered in white fluid, those are stories for the future which I don’t know of.

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