The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 70

I looked up at the white castle walls. You can feel the country’s wealth and technology level by their sturdy structure.

I’m glad to have been born in such a strong country. I spread my arms and breathed in. The air feels good.

Calcilast-sama who’s walking by my side is as cool as ever. A tall stature, some musculature, and handsome looks.

Our gazes intertwined like fighting snakes. It’s slightly erotic.

Calcilast-sama said with a lavish smile.

“I’m glad this country is peaceful. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do such things with Marikana…”

I said “I’m relieved to not have been born into the age of war. I wouldn’t want to kill or be killed…”

There was a woman paint a castle on a canvas placed on an easel. She’s focused and earnest. She’s doing her best.

Calcilast-sama praised her “Hello. You’re quite skilled”

It’s certainly a piece worth a praise. I wonder if she paints quite a lot.

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