The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 87

It grew into a minor uproar. A prince’s influence is amazing.

I stole a glance at the soldiers in clattering armor while playing with Mame-chan.

“Paw” I said. Mame-chan lifted its paw with a woof. “Sit” I said. Mame-chan quickly sat.

I stroked its head with “Good kid, good kid”

Calcilast-sama tried to teach it to jump.

However, Mame-chan seems to be unable to understand jumping.

It’s staring blankly at Calcilast-sama. As if it wants to ask what he means.

I bought dog treats from a nearby convenience store. I was lost with how unexpectedly many types were there.

I’ll teach the doggy to go round and round with the cheese snacks.

After he turns thrice, I gift it the cheese snacks. And like that, it learned how to go round and round.

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