Since I Became a Saint, I’ll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life – Chapter 05

Chapter 05 – The Worst Reunion

Liz and Keeva standing still, frozen while looking into each other.

In the midst of the noise from the surroundings, Keeva was the first one to return to his’ senses.

“…Nothing is wrong, I’m fine.”

But the words he spoke to the envoys were contradicting, as Keeva’s unchanging gaze is still towards Liz. His face turned pale and his lips started to stutter, his condition is definitely not fine.

The envoys looked towards each other.

“Your Highness, are you acquainted with the albino lady?”

“…No, I don’t know her.”

That was definitely a lie or so everyone in the room thought.

Keeva who is mainly composed and calm, but with a glance it’s known he’s now desperately holding his composure.

“Hold on, what’s with that albino girl. What is her relationship with the Prince?”

“Of course nothing. See that girl, from her clothing she is surely a commoner. There is no way such a person could be acquainted with the Crown Prince.”

“But, the Prince right now is…”

The priestess candidates turned even more rowdy.

In the midst, Liz could not stay calm.

(Eugene… It’s definitely him..)

The contents of her head blank, filled with only one thing.

Liz had thought of before, that perhaps Eugene did reincarnate as well just like she did. That Eugene is reborn somewhere else too.

But such a thing would be impossible, as each time she denies the thought. Since it has been 500 years, it’s quite impossible to reincarnate in the same place and time, and what’s more..

(To think that he’s the Crown Prince)

She could only laugh due to overwhelming shock.

Further, that astonishment of Keeva would mean that he holds the memories of Eugene. That he remembers about Cecil (Liz).


All kinds of emotions burst out, all Liz could do was grinding her teeth and strongly clutch her hands, bearing all of it.

A surprised looking Lloyd came around.

“Hey hey, where did you get acquainted with His Highness? You’ve never come to the capital right Liz? Even I have never heard anything about the Prince ever going to that small village in a remote region as yours.”

“This is my first meeting him.”

Lloyd frowned in discontent.

Liz then faced to the side to hide that she’s faltering. Unlike her previous life, she have decided to live strongly this time but only to be ashamed of herself for faltering in a moment.

Soon, Keeva slowly approached.

His brown eyes filled with nervousness had hesitated somewhat, but then his expression changed into a resolve to talk to her.

Keeva then called out to Liz albeit worried, while the others could only watch by.

“… May I know your name?”

You don’t know?! Or so it looked like what the others wanted to say.

“…Liz Stephan.”

“Liz, please come with me, I have something to talk to you about.” In a low voice suppressing his emotions.

Keeva who told his aides to wait then went out towards the stairs by the corridor and faced towards Liz.


Her named called after 500 years made her shiver all over, though the voice was different but it felt like Eugene himself was calling her. As if squeezing all the words in his heart out, Keeva then continued on.

“It’s been a while… I never thought we could meet again.”

Liz nodded in silence.

“Though you might not want to meet with me.”

Keeva let out a smile as if mocking himself.

Liz then reflexively lifted up her head.

Then it really means Cecil was abandoned, though she had realized that but all she could do was bear with the words ‘Eugene’ himself said.

“…You’re right, I didn’t want to meet you.”

“As expected.”

Silence then followed, a heavy silence which could fill the heart hollow.

Keeva once again broke the silence, and the words which came out from him was out of Liz’s expectation.

“Let’s let bygones be bygones.”


“I believe that would be best for us both.” Liz was dumbfounded by Keeva’s plain words. In addition, “That was the past, now I’m Keeva and you’re Liz”

(What are you talking about…?)

Liz is the one betrayed here, but how Keeva talked as if ‘both were victims’, whilst that Keeva stating that he’s the victim and that attitude?!


Anger momentarily filled her, an immense 500 years’ worth of anger. Liz is usually composed but not this time, she had snapped.

“Don’t mess with me-!” The shout of her might reverberated through the hallway.

“Why are you the one getting angry here?!” Keeva as he felt the absurdity.

“Shut it! A noble before and now a royalty, how rotten have you become!”

“What are you talking about-!”

“Your Highness, what’s the matter?!”

Both who were heated up was then stopped by the appearance of the aides and he envoys.

As Keeva remembered his social standing, he then averted his gaze as if embarrassed by the situation. But to Liz, a silent anger still lingers in his brown eyes.

“Hey, albino girl! What did you do to His Highness!”

“Nothing of the sort”

Shrugging off the envoys trying to approach here, Liz then moved away from the place. Her anger is not subdued. This is the worst reunion.

Along with her anger were tears.

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