Since I Became a Saint, I’ll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life – Chapter 04

Chapter 04 – Reunion in the Castle

With Liz and Lloyd in the carriage they then headed towards the castle.
The others, including the guards and the envoy assistants are in the coachman seat so the inner part is exclusively for both Liz and Lloyd.
Lloyd who sat opposite of her then laughed and spoke out.

“Well the, any questions about the current situation?”
Of course there is.

“Lloyd-san, you realized from the start that Emilia-sama’s accusation of me stealing the key is a lie right? Then why didn’t you say anything quickly?”

If he had said so during the time Liz was dragged to the Cavven Baron’s, then she would not have been treated harshly, pushed to the ground while her shoulders are grabbed.

“Hmmm…” as Lloyd, deep in thought.
“’Cause it looked interesting, I guess. I wanted to see what happens to Emilia-ojou who pushed the sins to you Liz.”

What a scum.
As Liz gazed him with scornful eyes, Lloyd then faced her with a serious face and looked straight towards her.
“Plus, it’s meaningless to drag you to the castle forcefully. You yourself must decide to come to the capital as the priestess candidate.”

It’s true that during that time, I had wished for strength which would let me live freely within any kind of situation, to not lose to something like one’s status and standings. Clearly I was not keen to become the priestess, but that was probably the shortest route available for the current me.

Looks like he did think through things even if his personality is trash. As she re-evaluate Lloyd again, he had spoken up in a smile.
“Well, part of it is because this looks interesting.”

He really is a scum.

“Any other questions?”
“None?! Nothing about the castle or this priestess candidate stuffs?”
“Nothing in particular.”
“Really none?!”
As Lloyd silently whispered about dragging the wrong candidate. As he’s being ignored, a huge noise came from the coachman’s direction.
“We have arrived in the capital!”

Liz the abruptly opened the small window and peeked outside.
The capital after 500 years which she did not once visit after her reincarnation. Previously, Liz–Cecil and her lover Eugene had lived somewhere in the outskirts of the capital.

Truthfully, the pain had won over the nostalgia. But she can’t help but take a look.
Thankfully, the place had changed over the past 500 years and the views which she remembered was of no more. She let out a sigh in relief. If there was remembrance, surely she is unable to stay composed.
As she fixes her sitting position inside the carriage’s leather seating, Lloyd then asked an odd question.
“No interest in the capital or the priestess candidates but full attention to the capital’s view?”
Lloyd’s existence had been forgotten.
“Well, I guess so.”
“Huhh,… I got it! You are looking for Prince Keeva right?”
“No need to deceive me. Since there is rumors that Prince Keeva frequently inspects the capital city. So that’s why.”
What do you mean that’s why. As she felt irritation towards the smirking Lloyd.

“So Liz was also a fan of the Prince. I get you, since all the young ladies in the capital are engrossed in the Prince. Handsome, talented and sincere, though he is still 19.”
Even Liz had heard rumors about the Crown Prince Keeva.

Keeva Chris Astoria, the First Prince of the Astoria Kingdom. With brown hair and eyes, with noble facial features, slender but sturdy, kind and wise and his swordsmanship is greatly known.
Even the ladies in Liz’s village know of the rumors, some even bought a portrait of him from the city.

However, Liz had no interest in him and definitely is not a fan. A Crown Prince is a faraway existence, a total stranger.

(Rather than that,)
The current smirking Lloyd in front of her eyes is even more irritating. What was that loyal gesture that you last showed in the Cavven’s mansion. As Liz complained in her heart, the carriage swiftly ran inside the capital.

The altar is located within the deepest part of the castle, passing through the Imperial Court where audience and government affairs are held and even further than the residence of the royalties.
Surrounded by the walls of the altar, Liz felt pressured. It’s too huge. Probably as big as a whole city.
The path through the first gate and the second gate after is filled with a few tens to hundreds of finely carved pillars. The carvings in the ceilings were a marvelous masterpiece. Lifting her head, she felt dizzy.
Past the inner gardens with a huge pond, she finally reached the second altar where the other priestess candidates wait.
The current priestess is within the first altar, even deeper, and knowing that you have to pass through to the ninth gate was a surprise.

Rather, Liz was astonished by the wideness of the place.
In the hall within the second altar filled with exquisite carvings, envoys clad in hoods from their head to toe was busy working. There, Lloyd spoke out.
“The priestess candidate Liz Stephan has arrived!”

The envoys who looked towards Liz who was beside Lloyd instantly fell into a daze. For they have seen something unbelievable.
They then came back to their senses after a while and scolded in anger.
“Lloyd, are you playing around? That young girl there is an albino for God’s sake!”
“True that she is an albino, but she is different. She is a legit priestess candidate, since she can see that key.”
“For real? Your words are not reliable.”
The words of Lloyd which seems unbelievable, he is then surrounded by the aged envoys who approached him.

Liz looked around the hall. The other ladies within the room seems to be the other candidates, and all of them are staring towards Liz. Their age, body build and attire are all different, with some expressing confusion, interest and other emotions but what they all have in common are black hair and eyes.

Liz who has white hair and red eyes certainly looks frivolous.
“What’s the meaning of this? That girl is also a candidate?”
“Impossible! Since she has no magic, isn’t that weird.”
“Is she here to jest?”
As they peek a look towards her and whispered their opinions, though she was prepared for this but it still feels wrong. Liz frowned upon the thought where the future prospect looks grim.

The sharp silent words the other ladies are speaking with, the voices of the envoys filled with unease, combined into a heavy atmosphere. The room felt heavy and uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the door of the hall opened. Instantly the atmosphere within the room changed into a relieving one where one can breathe with ease.
“Wait-, Prince Keeva!”
“How dreamy, I’m getting charmed.”

The ladies spoke out, voiced blooming floridly.
The one who came in with his aides was none other than the Prince of Astoria Kingdom, Keeva.
The envoys approached in haste.

“Why, his highness. We apologize to have you come all the way here.”
“No worries. The search for the next priestess is an important matter to the country.
A cheerful answer, and as the rumors go, a handsome and wise young man. It is inevitable that everyone are making a fuss. But,

(No way?!)
Liz’s heart stopped for an instant. That’s how shocked she was.

She swallowed her breath.
Though his face and body is definitely not Eugene, not even a trace of him. But Liz knew, that Prince Keeva is none other than Eugene, her lover during her previous life who reincarnated.
(So you reincarnated, like me…)
In the same era and the same country, passing through 500 years of time. Is this fate?
She felt dizzy, her strength leaving her and her knees turning weak.
In that instant, Prince Keeva who was talking happily with the envoys looked over.

Their eyes met.

In that moment, Keeva looked astonished as his eyes opened widely. As if looking at something that should not have been there, his expression changed abruptly. For he knows that Liz is Cecil, his previous’ lover.

“Prince Keeva? Is there anything wrong with you?”
Keeva who turned stiff and frozen continuously looking towards Liz, the envoy’s face turned doubtful.
As the other envoys and priestess candidates start to make a fuss, Liz and Keeva was unable to steer away their gazes.

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