My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – Volume 03 – Chapter 52

It was great in the beginning.
I like to stand out. Especially on top of people. I think it’s great when you have henchmen.
Some may call me arrogant, while others may criticize me as contemptuous. I, for one, think that it is only fitting for a noble of high ranking. Since our society consists of social status and ranks, I can only be proud to be born into high nobility. I am to be commended for being born as the Duke’s daughter. And as a genius. In fact, I am a noble who also possesses glory.
Thus, it also brought some satisfaction to show off my prowess as Christina Noir through the display of my dresses and the setup of the stage.
It’s a simple party held in the courtyard of the Noir house. I would call it a success for utilizing my genius to host a party catered to children and young teenagers.
The Calibrachoas’ eldest daughter introduced me to her friends. I listened to them talk about student life in the Royal Academy with deep interest, discussed the cuteness of my beloved Michelie, introduced my own friends to them, proudly introduced Michelie to the guests, brought Surfania around as she panicked in the crowd she was unaccustomed to, and bragged about the angel Michelie who descended from the heavens. It was a lot of fun.
Until Charles made his entry halfway through.

“Why is Charles here?”

Michelie’s the one giving a sideways glance with a sullen face. She stands between me and Charles with her small body, asking the same question I’m holding in my mind. She’s probably voicing my discontent on my behalf after having observed my feelings.
I’m reeling in shock by Charles’ sudden appearance. It somehow feels as though my heart is about to explode from pounding too hard from the shock.
Michelie probably saw me hiding behind Surfania, and after tracing my line of vision to Charles, she’s now glaring at him with increasing hostility.

“If big sister is acting this way, it must mean that she never invited him…… Did he perhaps come arbitrarily? If that’s the case, I could have him thrown out with an excuse, but I don’t expect him to go out without a fight. I wonder how he snuck here in the first place.”

“He didn’t have to. His being here is simply a matter of having a formal invitation.”

“What do you mean?”

Having seen me show my weakness, Surfania recovers and promptly discerns the reason for Charles’ visit. While listening to Michelie and Surfania’s inferences, I have been taking great pains to hide my breath and my presence. I’m afraid that Charles would notice me if I even so much as spoke a word.

“My elder sister. She must have invited His Highness Charles to the party. I think he most likely came in halfway into the party after an official duty…… well, after his studies.”

“Why would your sister invite Charles? He shouldn’t be acquainted with her as the Calibrachoas’ eldest daughter. Big sister didn’t invite him, so your sister wouldn’t have invited him either.”

“It’s simple. Most likely she saw His Highness Charles’ name on the invitation list while she was skimming through it, then sent him an invitation. It’s possible if it’s her. She probably wanted to do it even without Christina’s knowledge, saying something like ‘Oh, looks like little Christina forgot to send an invitation to His Highness Charles, ahaha.’”

“……That’s not her concern.”

“Yes. My sister is a meddlesome one.”

Surfania reluctantly agrees with Michelie’s displeased criticism.
I can’t dispute Surfania’s reasoning even after only having met her sister a few times. I’m surprised by this sister combination. Surfania knows her sister very well, even though they probably barely speak a word to each other.
Who could have thought that so much harm could be done in a collaborative effort? No one, surely. It was beyond the imaginings even for a genius such as I.
She’s someone who does things based on good intentions. I can sense no malice behind her actions. I understand that she did this out of her pure goodwill.
I understand that, but I wish it never happened.

“I wish she came to consult me first, at the very least.”

“She probably thought that it would shame you if word of your mistake got out. Do you understand how annoying she is now? She’s the type of person who interferes in affairs and creates problems despite bearing no ill will. No, her lack of ill will is the problem itself. If you tell her to stop, it will look like you’re the one in the wrong.”

Neither Michelie, who has never had direct social interactions before, nor I are able to defend our position. But my pride won’t allow being talked down by Surfania, so I decide to formulate a response later.
I was lucky to have spotted Charles first and hidden behind Surfania and Michelie, but it’s probably useless. He has a superior intuition that even allowed him to spot me among a crowd in a bustling street. Even though there are tens of people in this place, it would be a matter of time if he is actively looking for me.
But what if…
Michelie is next to me right now. It’s true that I am an outstanding genius. I can’t help it if my superiority brings attention to me.
But with Michelie here, it would not be difficult even for Charles to spot her cuteness radiating from miles away. In that case, I could continue this game of hide-and-seek until he gives up-


We saw each other.
My heart skips a beat. Charles walks towards me casually, and his blue eyes captivate me. My beating heart sends fresh blood coursing straight to my head. We gaze at each other and focus on our positions. The building heat in my head turns into energy. Our gazes ignore Surfania who’s in the way. The heat continues to build in my head, which begins to boil with emotions and overheats. Charles comes closer one step at a time, ignoring the frowning Michelie. The heat in my head reaches its limits, and pushes all capability of thought out of my brain, as if it’s a mystery why my head hasn’t exploded. The very instant Charles takes another step, the heat reaches past its limits.


My head begins fuming.

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