Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 11


Phila sighed with relief when I sat up.

「S-sorry. I woke you up while you were sleeping.」
「No, I don’t mind. More importantly, you can’t sleep again?」


Phila lowered her gaze. A sparkling red jewel was shining on her chest.

「Shall we go find the cause?」
「…I-Is that okay?」
「Well, that’s why I’m here.」

I stood up from the bed and stretched my arms up, then left the room with Phila. She’s no longer in a bad mood, but she still looks a bit sleepy.

「Hey, you. Aren’t you angry at all?」
「About what?」
「…Because I would hate it if someone woke me up when I was still sleepy, right?」
「Well, that’s true, but… I’ve slept enough.」

When I looked at my watch, I’d only slept for about four hours. That’s not much, but I guess it’s enough for me.

At the inn, I usually woke up early in the morning and went to sleep late at night, so this is not a problem. Of course, it’s also not good to make a habit of doing this.

「I also know how frustrating it is to not be able to sleep, so I’m going to do my best to help you.」

Phila’s cheeks flushed, and she looked away.

「…Is something wrong?」

Did I say something rude? Phila quickly looked up again and shook her head.

「No, it’s nothing. That’s just the first time anyone’s said something like that to me… and, oh yeah, when I first wake up, people look a little disgusting to me, is it the same for you?」

…Well, I’m not sure about that. But it does sound like how it’s really hard to start working immediately right when you wake up.

「I’m fine. I was just a bit surprised.」
「Yeah, well, because all of a sudden, there was a cute girl next to me. You’d be surprised too, right? If a cool boy was suddenly next to you when you woke up… Like, umm, you’d be absolutely surprised if there was a prince next to you, wouldn’t you?」
「Well, yes, but…… C-cuuuute!? Who!?」
「Huh? You, of course, Phila-san…」

When I said that, her face turned completely red.

I wonder if she’s not used to being called cute?

While I was thinking that, we arrived at Phila’s room and I checked her bed immediately… and for some reason, that Sleep Disturbance effect is back, and already S-rank. Is that because Phila actually slept in it?

「Phila-san, did anything change before or after you became unable to sleep?」
「……I don’t think so.」
「I see.」

So, let’s examine it quickly. I temporarily changed the way my eyes see. Until now, I could only see the possibilities of the item I directly focused on. Now, I can see that information for everything in front of me.

A large amount of data flowed into my mind, filling up my vision. That was my skill at work, of course.

First I looked around the room, then toward Phila. Of course, Phila cannot be created. Then, I looked at what she was wearing on her body. Specifically, the necklace shining on her chest.

When the red gem on the necklace glowed suspiciously, I focused on it.

That’s it. I know the cause.

First, I closed my eyes to rest my mind for a while. I still can’t absorb so much information coming in at once.

When I opened my eyes again, Phila was blushing for some reason, and looked away.

「Have you had that necklace for a long time?」
「…No, I haven’t. Oh, I just bought it about a month ago.」
「Yes, that’s it.」
「It’s what? What do you mean?」
「What I mean is, that necklace might have been cursed.」
「…Huh? I-is that true? I bought this thinking I was lucky to find it in the market… I-is it really c-cursed?」
「Yes, but it might not be, either. If so, you can try to take it off before you go to sleep.」
「……T-that’s right.」

Phila took off the necklace and put it on the table, then walked over to her bed. The necklace moved itself onto Phila’s bedside table.

…I see.

「W-what is this…?」
「It seems to follow you automatically.」
「W-what? Then how I can sleep with this thing around?!」

I looked again at the necklace.

Red Magic Stone Necklace [S Rank]
Provides Sleep Disturbance [S Rank]
Automatic Return [S Rank]

These two skills are the reason Phila’s unable to sleep, and I already know that if I recreate it, these skills would disappear.

「Phila-san, can I do something with this magic stone for a minute?」
「Whㅡ uh, I don’t mind.」

Phila grabs my left arm tightly after hearing it’s cursed. She’s so nervous, and so close, but thanks to Lynn I’ve become desensitized to being close to the opposite sex, so I’m only a little nervous myself.

I took out and held my Divine Treasure in my right hand.

「…Is that your Divine Treasure?」
「Somehow, it doesn’t look that strong.」
「Well, that’s because it isn’t.」

The only thing it can do is destroy objects to make into materials.

The magic stone shattered with a single tap from it.

「Huh? D-did you break it?」
「I’m sorry, I’ll return it to you immediately.」
「Uh, no… it’s ok, but… if it’s cursed, I don’t want it anymore.」

She said that, but it’s still her jewelry. I collected the material and recreated it.

I took out the newly made red magic stone necklace and showed it to Phila. It looked the same as before. However, this time all the bad skills were gone.

「T-this is… wait, how? What did you just do?!」
「Well, I uh… I made some adjustments, so I don’t think you’ll have a problem anymore.」

When I handed the necklace to Phila, she set it some distance away. Then she lay on the bed.

「I-it’s true!」

Her eyes shone so brightly when she realized the necklace wasn’t following her anymore.

「Y-you’re amazing, to see the cause so quickly!」
「It was just by chance. In the future, you need to pay close attention to what you wear.」
「…Y-yeah, thank you!」

She smiled for a bit, but then she asked me a question.

「Come to think of it, what’s your name?」
「Hmm? I’m Relius.」
「I see. Thank you, Relius.」
「You’re welcome. I’m glad I was able to help you.」

However, the problem hasn’t been completely solved yet. Looking at the bed, I could see its curse still remained.

「Phila-san, I don’t think you can sleep in this bed just yet, I need to adjust it as well.」
「Aw, can’t I still use it? It was the nicest bed that I’ve ever slept in…」
「It’ll be just as good as it was before.」
「Really?! I’m looking forward to it!」

Phila sat down in a nearby chair to watch me work.
…If possible, I didn’t want anyone to see me do this, but is it really okay if it’s her?

Then again, it was only a small trinket earlier, but I did already show her what I’m capable of. Thus, I destroyed the bed and collected it in the same way.

「W-wait! Where did the bed go?」
「I’ll put it back soon, so please wait a moment.」

Phila shouted at me, but I immediately recreated it. Now, the same S-rank bed as before was complete, put back where it was in the first place.

She just stared, her mouth opening and closing like a fish.

「I can’t even tell what happened…」
「Well, please keep it a secret.」
「Yes. It’s just a secret between the two of us.」
「T-two of us….. uh, er, g-got it!」

Phila smiled happily and stood up to walk next to me. Her face was so close.

When I noticed it and started turning to look at her, I felt a soft touch on my cheek.

「W-what was that!?」
「It’s also a secret between the two of us. Thank you, Relius!」

Phila, blushing, quickly dove into the bed.
Was that a k-kiiiiss!?

My cheeks were burning from receiving something I never expected her to give.
I left the room to escape from her.

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