The Lazy Dragon Is Working Hard – Chapter 03

Yahoooo… I’m the God of laziness / sloth . A high school student reincarnated as one of seven guardians, a dragon in the world of Gaia .
Altough I’m a God level dragon, I don’t have any of the abilities of God . I can’t create a world; even bestowing divine blessings is impossible .
I am only one of the seven guardians . We’re the “middlemen” of God .
It’s not even like I have directly met him . Just as I was reincarnated in Gaia, my instincts told me “God has given you a mission: to protect this world . ”
So for hundreds of millions of years, the seven of us have protected Gaia, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . Yep, no holidays . It’s not guardian duty . It’s forced slave duty .
If this was my workplace, I would have sent a file of complain immediately to the company president .
What? I was sleeping for years?
Don’t be foolish . I have watched this world for over 500 million years . A couple years is just a little nap after lunch .
So with my nap over, I need to return back to work . How troublesome .
Gaia is made up of six continents . The seven Gods were each given a continent to protect .

I’m in charge of the Asuraddo continent, located on the north side of this world . It is mostly covered by ice and snow but has plenty of mineral resources to mine .
“Runamiria, has anything happened during the time I was napping?”

“Guardian-sama, the mana density on Asuraddo continent has been stable for 100 years . However, humans have begun experimenting with magic . Their progress is still in the acceptable range and is far from causing a crisis in the world . The second report, the snow troll population is growing in the southeastern part of the continent . Imperial troops sent to subdue them have been completely annihilated . The damage amount to the destruction of 2 villages and 3 settlements . The third report, …”
This kind of story is like a lullaby . With the angelic voice of Runamiria, my eyes feel heavy .
“zzzzzzz… . . ” “Guardian-sama?”
“Eh? What happened?” “Did you hear my reports?”
“Of course . Aren’t you saying that the world is peaceful today so I don’t have anything to do?”
It’s not particularly uncommon to hear of trouble caused by some monsters, like the Snow Trolls . Throughout the history of Gaia, turmoil between humans and monsters are daily occurrences .
If you play RPGs that have monsters roaming around, you would find it to be normal right? So, it’s the same here . A peaceful day today .
“But there’s something that piques my interest . Some of the mana stream flow is going into stagnation . ”
“Ehh? Is that serious?”
“Of course it is!”
“The southeast mountain ridge . ”

“Any other information?”
“Mana eruptions have not been confirmed but from the fact that there is an abnormality with the Snow Trolls, a mana leakage to the surface is expected . ”
I think about the abnormal occurrence of the Snow Trolls while gazing at the horizon .
Mana is a form of pure magic . It can be found all over the world . Mana allows humans to use magic and it mutates monsters, completely ignoring the laws of physics . Below the ground, there exist pulses of mana flowing like a river, called mana streams . It has a tremendous amount of mana . The mana scattered in the world comes from smaller streams that originates from the main mana stream . Very rarely, the smaller stream is clogged for some reason . The mana that is blocked eventually burst, spewing to the surface like a volcanic eruption .
While mana in general is good for the earth, it will turn toxic if the density becomes too excessive . Plants will grow abnormally and eventually will mutate into plant type monsters that may attack people . Wild mutated monsters may even acquire a skill and become even more dangerous . High concentrations of mana in the human body can cause death .
In short, troublesome things will happen . So, if there is an abnormality in the mana stream, it’s my job to solve it . I actually really don’t want to do it . Yeah, I don’t want to do it! But if I don’t do anything now, it will become even more troublesome in the future .
“So, isn’t it possible that it is already leaking to the surface? “Yes, but I don’t think you need to go now . ”
“But what will happen if I let it go now? After the eruption, it will take a lot of work to clean up . Dealing with this early means more rests in the future. ”

“Ugh… But if you go now, someone might see you and that will cause problems . ”
“Don’t worry . It’s already dark and if I fly high, no one will see me . ”
Moonlight shines from the hole in the ceiling . The cave that I live in is a former volcano that’s no longer active . Of course I was the one who made it inactive . A few million years ago, it was called the Negra volcano . I really liked this place since the shape of the volcano is like that of Mount Fuji . I made it habitable by moving all the magma from inside the volcano to the outer area so that the magma will burn anyone that approaches this cave . The lighting from the moonlight, combined with magic stones on the rock surface, gives the area a feeling of dinvinity . The top of the volcano is also higher than the clouds, so there are no worries regarding wind or rain . It also serves as my entrance and exit .
“Runamiria, I’ll go now . ”
“Yes Guardian-sama . Please take care . ”
Runamiria’s hair flutters from the wind created by my wings, but under the moonlight, it didn’t reduce her beauty at all .
I fly above the sea of clouds . The moonlight makes it look like a giant snowfield .
“I’ll get it done quickly, I will be able to sleep more this way . ”
I made a promise to motivate myself and flew straight towards the southeast .

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