I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! – Chapter 09

To Stand After Regret

Such brilliant golden eyes matching his tied golden hair. It makes someone forgets how to breathe just from seeing him standing there.
The sight of those ladies, seeming like they really want to escape as soon as possible since the prince has appeared, reminds Violette of her former self. Everyone would have anyone they admire, and of course that also applies to those women. However, wonder what they can do when the person they admire seeing them this kind of situation.
Violette understands their feelings well.
Violette understands why they attacked Maryjun like they did just now as the fellow person who used to admire Prince Claudia. Although the previous Violette used to love him, right now her feelings are not as pure as it should be.

“Regarding what you will do with that hand of yours, what would be your answer?”

“Umm…… I, we were just……”

Claudia might have guessed what that hand meant. It is obviously seemed as a motion before slapping someone. Who knows it is due to his strong sense of justice or cruelty, instead judging from his eyes, Claudia forces them to speak and explain the situation.
It may seem something like a public execution for the perpetrators. Everything must be said and claimed from their own mouths.
Yes, it was the method how Violette repented her crime and got thrown to a prison. Right now, her impartial points of view are stinging herself.


Those ladies seem to be speechless, unable to say anything. They seem to be have a hard time breathing, as the intervals between their breaths are getting shorter and shorter, and no one could simply feel sorry just from seeing them like that.
However, it is true that it might be impossible for someone as dignified as them to be bullying Maryjun, but Violette has already grown up from those emotions not too long ago……Right now, she can only sympathize them.

“Enough of this.”


Maryjun, those ladies, and also Claudia seem to be surprised, but Claudia does not change his facial expression at all as Violette has expected, instead his gazes are sharper. He does not seem only to be showing his disgust, but also a disappointment. Seems there are doubts clouding Claudia’s mind…… but it might not be something strange.

“Violette…… Why are you interfering?”

“I think I should do something about this, and it seems they have understood of what they have done…… thus, I don’t think any more pursuits are necessary.”

Indeed, these ladies’ actions were wrong, and they have understood themselves.
However, sincerity is intangible. How people would see concubines cannot be changed so easily.
However, it is something for them to reflect for themselves, not for Violette to do something about it.
It is already clear that they are reflecting on this situation, any more unnecessary pursuits would just cause more unnecessary problems. If things had gone worse, Violette might just increase Maryjun’s distrust toward her any further. If she fails right now, it would just worsen Maryjun’s impression toward her. Despite so, Violette remains unchanged.
She is definitely dragged into a troublesome situation without her consent. However, it was their own fault for using Violette’s name to cause trouble.

“……Figures. You’re behind this.”


What did he mean by that? Without saying anything Claudia directs his piercing gazes from those ladies toward Violette.

“I see that you manipulate these women since you don’t want to stain your own hands. However, such things like persecuting your own family member…… don’t you think how shameful you are as a human being?”

Looking at his face distorting unpleasantly, it makes her think that it might be his potential to make such beautiful face despite showing unpleasant expression.
However, Violette’s assumption of the worst scenario came into a reality the moment she hears those words coming out from Claudia’s mouth. She does not understand what makes Claudia to come up with such conclusion that Violette is the mastermind of this disturbance. It is probably because she did not manage to stop them in time because her dress made her to walk faster.
Indeed, right now the situation is very disadvantageous for Violette. Those ladies took action on Violette’s behalf, and Claudia, who saved Maryjun, accused Violette for harming her sister.

(I got cornered……)

Violette is reflecting on her impulsive behavior. It was recklessness known as courage that pushed her into this difficult situation even though she could have solved this with a slightly better method. Violette has this kind of habit that she tends to act before thinking.
At least, she needs to pretend that she is Maryjun’s ally this time.

“U-umm…… you’re wrong, Onee-sama would not do such terrible thing to me……!!”

Violette is occupied thinking how to get through this situation, thus she does not notice Maryjun.
No doubt she is thinking on how to protecting herself, but…… it is beyond her assumption that she also needs to protect herself from the kingdom’s prince.
Previously…… when Violette harmed Maryjun, Maryjun also beg forgiveness for Violette’s actions, and this is the second time Maryjun protects Violette.

“I understand your desire to protect your sister, but she is—“

Claudia carefully watches Maryjun. Although this is supposed to be their first time meeting each other, the sight of Maryjun protecting her older sister courageously would look like an innocent and strong angel to him.
However, this pause would be very counterproductive for Violette.
The sight of Maryjun in tears will just make her beauty stands out even more; meanwhile Violette would receive bad impressions.
Perhaps Claudia’s impression toward Maryjun has improved better and better, however at the same time, this will just worsen how he thinks that Violette was the one harming her sister.
Violette does not have the chance to break those two, instead she would just make it even more complicated.
If this situation worsens and by any chance reaches her father’s ears…… it is not something Violette would want to imagine. Wonder how long it will take for her father to know that Maryjun got hurt. Previously, she chose to object and ignore, but she does not want to stir anymore trouble in the family as much as possible. Violette does not want any more obstacles toward her goal to lead a peaceful life in monastery.

“Onee-sama is a kind person…… even so, there must be a reason.”

There is no reason. Violette has no reason, and she’s supposed to be uninvolved in the first place. If someone has to be blamed, it would be the bystanders here who cannot read the situations enough. If the situation keeps on like this, she would be digging her own grave, but right now is different.

She needs to put an end to this farce.
Violette feels something warm touching her back, and someone suddenly comes forward.

“Vio-chan, are you alright?”

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