What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 22

The Eyes’ color

Right now, I am experiencing the feeling of a fugitive!!

Will it  be okay if I just kill him?

I am sorry.

I understand.

It just a stray thought.


It seemed that I had been found!!

I quickly withdraw using the [stealth] technique.

“Cardinal-sama…. No, I can still sense the gentle smell of a rose….”


Are you a dog?

Someone, help me.

I did not notice that Build-kun existence had brought fear to me.

“Build-kun, I want you to stop chasing after our angel!!”

“Vertemic-sama……I wanted to be strong, therefore, I will never give up!!”

While my brother acted as a decoy, I quickly escaped through the window.

It seemed that I was able to earn some times due to the interference from my brother.

“Please help me!”

I went to Broudo-sama to ask for help.

“What had happened to you?”

Broudo-sama looked flustered as he peered into my face, and once I saw his worried expression, unintentionally, I started to sob.

“B- That Build-kun~”

I was unable to suppress the overflowing tears.

When Broudo-sama looked at my eyes that was overflowed with tears, his face turned ghastly pale as he panicked.

“……What had he done to you? Depending on the situation. I will take my own responsibility in annihilating him, so please tell me.”

Broudo-sama’s gentle voice unintentionally laced with blood thirst as he used the handkerchief to wipe my tears while I sobbingly tell him the story.

“I see.”

I was suddenly made aware of my tear-stained face.

Uwa~ right now, my makeup must had turned into a mess.

Uwa~ I do not want to be seen~!!

The person in front of my eyes was someone whom I regarded with reverence.

I quickly hold up the handkerchief to hide my face.

“Naru, are you okay?”

“Please don’t look at me…..My face is a mess right now.”

Broudo-sama  took the handkerchief away from my face as he said.

“It is not as messy as what you think off.”

“Fu gya! Don’t look~!!”

“It is still lovely.”

“Broudo-sama, you are so mean!”

“Am I?”


Broudo-sama replied to me with a bitter smile.

“I did not intend to be mean, you know. I am sorry if it appear to be so.”

“Truthfully, you are not actually being mean to me.”

“Thank you very much.”


I took out a compact mirror from my pocket and used it to check my face.

My eyes had turn into a panda.

I wanted to cry.

No, it had turned into this because I cried.

“I wanted to refresh my make-up….”

“I will borrow the make-up kits from my mother.”

“…. Thank you very much.”

Broudo-sama properly brought the make-up kits to me.

And then, I quickly fix my make-up.

When I returned, Broudo-sama patted my head gently.

“Even if Naru used make-up, it doesn’t seem to be that much different from normal?”

“H-How long have you been watching me?”

“……I can’t?”

My face was flushed red.

If there was a hole, I really wanted to enter it at this moment.

I was feeling upset as I glared at Broudo-sama.

At that time, I noticed something.


I was staring at Broudo-sama eyes as my hand cupped his face.


“Broudo-sama eyes… is not black.”


“Indigo blue.  It’s dark blue. It was the mixed between the two colors of Vanessa-sama and Gard-sama. Beautiful.”

Broudo-sama was frozen, but I did not really care about it as I continued to stare into his eyes.

“A, Ohhh, oh, ano! Is it good now?”

“A~ I’m sorry. I have been rude to you.”

“It’s okay…..”

“Broudo-sama eyes was so beautiful that it makes people wanted to keep staring into it.”

“Do you feel that your dark green eyes will lost in it?’

I grinned at him.

“Because this is the color of my mother’s eyes that I am happy to say so.”

While I was chuckling, Broudo said to me gently.

“Should I make a magic stone with the color of your eyes, next time?”

“I wanted to have a magic stone with the color of your eyes, Broudo-sama. It makes me feel calm whenever I was staring into it.”

“Is- is that so?”


Broudo-sama cheek was tinted with red as he laughed awkwardly.

I wonder if he was embarrassed by it.

Looking at a handsome guy’s embarrassed face really make my heart go kyun-kyun.

Since I managed to see something good, I cannot help but be happy about it.

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