What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 23



“A~ Bara Hime-sama.”

I hugged Labra-chan.


“My heart’s oasis!”

“What? …..What is going on? Can I do something to help you?”

“A, Labra-san, are you an angel?”

“I am not!! I am a human with intense greed!!”

“I could only see an angel in front of me!! My rough heart has finally been cleansed.”

I continued to cling onto her.

“I found you!! Cardinal-sama!”

I inadvertently hide behind Labra-chan. Labra-chan moved in front of me as she protected me!!


“Build-sama! You have been scaring Bara Hime-sama! If you have anything to tell her, just tell me first and I’ll pass it to her!!”


“I love you, Labra-san! What a lovely person you are!! Am I allowed to worship you?”

“Bara Hime-sama, you can’t~ Please come back to reality quickly~!!”

If Labra-chan was a heroine, I will do anything to become her support character!

Ma~ I cannot really recommend that stupid Prince as well Build-kun who was standing in front of us, however, I do think that my brother was quite a good catch.

I started to feel hungry, however…..

“I want Cardinal-sama to become my master!! I beg you!”

At that moment, a person with full bodied black clothes stood in front of Labra-chan.

“If you wanted to have Princess as your master, you need to beat me first.”

This person, Tento, was employed as my bodyguard

“Princess, you can rest assured as another person will arrive shortly.”

“A, etto, please hold back your strength. You can’t kill him.”

“We will handle it carefully.”

In this way, Tento grabbed Build-kun’s neck as they disappear from the scene.

That child was actually able to do it despite being a kid.

“A, ano, Bara Hime-sama……….”

“Labra-san! I really respect you! If you are having any kind of problem. I will do my best to help you!”

“Anything at all?  ….Even if I wish for you to introduce me to the Prince formally?”

“Do you wanted to fall in love with that kind of person? …No, no, if you look from the aspect of political influence, it was pointlessly easy to handle that kind of stupid person….. I know! If you wanted to experience love, how about I recommend my Onii-sama to you?”

“E? No, no, the Prince is Bara Hime-sama’s fiance and your Onii-sama is also a precious person who could not be given to anyone and even more so, to me, right?”

I was grinning as I replied back to her.

“I am going to annul my engagement with the Prince! Even though Onii-sama is someone who are dear to me, however, I think that it is okay to leave him to someone like Labra-san who is not only cute but also brave!! If Labra-san and Onii-sama are to fall in love with each other, then, Labra-san will be my elder sister!! That’s terrific!”

“Bara Hime-sama, please come back to reality!! I am a commoner, you know!”

I started to giggle.

“I will do anything for you! Of course, even if Labra-san has come to like someone else! It is the happiness of a woman to be together with her beloved person!!”

When I declared as such, there were tears in Labra-chan’s eyes as she said.

“This is completely different world from what I had imagined. I thought that I will be bullied by the aristocrat!”

“I won’t let anyone do that to you!!”

“I thought that Cardinal Brauze was a person who like to bully others!”

“Even though you are using the full name, I feel like crying because Labra-san had finally use my name to call me!!”

“Listen to me seriously!”

“Yea, I am sorry.”

I was scolded by Labra-chan.

(´゚ω゚`) (Shobun-desu) (Note I guess [I am depressed] since the search on the Google images yield this emoticon under depressed tag)

“Mo! Why are you so cute? I will not want to win over you at this rate! Instead, I will end up wishing to befriend you!! I feel like protecting you, even though you are strong, right? I am a weak person!! Mo! What should I do about this feeling?”

I was shocked, and before long, smile began to float on my whole face.

Tears began to pour down from Labra-chan eyes.

“Please be my friend!!”

“That’s good! I will! That’s why I will never hand Cardinal to any half-baked man! I will aim for a friendship ending!”

Labra-chan had called me by my name!!

It was my first time I experiencing it coming from another girl.

………A-re? Just now, I felt like I heard Labra-chan said something important……

………What was it again?

………..Oh well, whatever!

If you forget about it, it should not be of any importance!

What matter the most now was that Labra-chan is now my friend!

“Let’s aim for our happiness together!”

“Is that a proposal? Cardinal, please come back to the reality~!!

In this way, I was finally able to change my status from one without a friend by obtaining one of my own.

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