I’m Doing my Best to Make Myself at Home in Another World – Chapter 05

Let’s go to school. Onii-chan Part

Today I’m out together with my dad and mom.

There’s something like a Parent’s Day at my big brother and sister’s school.

I wonder if they’re keeping any rare animals?

The school my brother and sister go to is in a place not far from the royal palace.

The Imperial Academy was founded by the first generation King, and with the kings personally serving as the Headmaster for generations after, it was the only domestic school connected to「royalty」. Unrelated to social status, if they could pass the exams and graduate, they’d be recognized as elites and receive favorable treatment anywhere.

There were many scholars and knights, magicians, beast knights, and ladies’ attendants, and their places of employment would be in the royal palace or in several territories or the mansions of the nobles. The royal palace would be the official government, and the territories would be something like the local government.

And, there was also an advanced government class that only nobles could enter.

Big brother and sister were in this advanced class.

Papan told me this.

Big brother’s class was at the sports ground.

When we went to the sports ground, we were placed at the guest seating on the tiered platform.

But there was also special seating prepared for the nobles, and depending on their social rank they would be given a different reception.

What was prepared for my family was a soft sofa and a tea set. And, we had upperclassmen set to us as attendants to look after our needs.

I want to retort about why there’s a sofa outdoors!

But Papan and Maman didn’t seem to pay it any mind, and requested tea like it was only natural.

Alright. They say do as Romans do when you’re in Rome, so I won’t care either.

I sat on the sofa and sighed.

I drank the delicious tea and calmly looked at the grounds in blank amazement.

There was an amazing diorama there.

According to Papan, several teachers used magic to make it!

There was a mountain and river that looked to be cut straight out of the scenery from somewhere, and just a bit before the plains was rocky area.

When comparing it to the real thing, I don’t know on what 100th’s of a scale it was on though, but the mountains especially, it was the same height as a five storey school building.

This was made!!? How nice, how nice, I want to play like that too!

At both ends of the diorama, there was a great deal of 20-30 cm soldiers.They were illusions, and the students would control them, command them into battle for competition and simulate tactics.

There were many varieties of soldiers too, like foot soldiers, beast calvary and magician corps, and it felt like the real version of shogi or chess.

「It’s amashingー」(It’s amazing)

My tensions are rising after seeing this fantasy world sight~!

When I spoke to my parents with a smile in full bloom, Maman gave me a tight hug.

Papan picked me up afterward.

Manー I sure am pampered if I do say so myself.

It was big brother’s turn at last!

I don’t know one thing about tactics or such, but he hid a portion of his soldiers in the mountains, planted a magic trap in an open space, even to my amatuer eyes I can tell my brother is overwhelmingly strong!!

In a short time, my brother won.

「Nii-ni ish amazhin, aweshum!!」(Big brother is amazing, awesome!!)

Big brother picked up the excited me and stroked me.

Pet me moreー

We were free until it was my sister’s turn, so we toured the inside of the school.

It seems this school was formerly part of the royal palace. That’s why it was pointlessly huge.

…Whoops, nature is calling me. And so,

「Nii-ni, pee peeー」

I was brought to the bathroom while still being held in his arms.

I don’t need help!!

No matter if you’re my big brother, it’s embarrassing so stop itー!

Convincing my brother, I safely headed towards a private room.

After I went back while feeling refreshed, my brother was held up by a showy guy.


「My little sister has returned, so…」

「Sister? You don’t look one bit alike though?」

What’s with this guy? What a rude attitude to take towards someone he’s meeting for the first time!

「Just get your servants to take care of her」

Oh? Is this possibly the rumored cannon fodder?

The guy who arbitrarily recognizes my brother as his rival and doesn’t know his place??

Even though he’s reasonably handsome, what a disappointment.

「Or, are you planning to use that as an excuse for when you lose to me?」

Snap. I’ll KILL this guy!

「Nii-ni ish shtrong! He won loosh!」(Big brother is strong! He won’t lose!)

「Hmph. As if a brat will understand.」

This guy sneered at me.

It’s not like I haven’t thought my mentality has reverted to a toddler’s, but even so I’m an arasaa! (“Arasaa” means a woman of around 30 years old in age. Felt like it would be too much of a mouthful, so left it in romaji.)

He must be a noble with strangely high pride that was spoiled in a bad way when he was raised, a stereotypical piece of trash!

「I’m better than an idiot who doesn’t undershtand his shtanding」

My brother was shocked.

He would beー Sorry, big brother. Your little sister has an extremely sharp tongue.

But, his whole face was in smiles…He’s just like Papan in these regards!

「…You damned brat!!」

Oh?? You’re going to use violence against this helpless toddler? He’s worse than trash, oi.

I’ll tell Papan on him. And then, I’ll have him taste the real fear of social status.

Though we were classed as Duke, Papan and big brother held the royal bloodline with the right to inherit the throne. My great grandfather was the Crown Prince’s younger brother. Standardly, the King’s siblings would get married off to the royalty of foreign powers, and it was a customary practice for them to give up their right to the throne.

But for the sake of my great grandma, great grandpa became a subject of the state.

That would make our house’s authority only second to the royalty… But Papan is like that, so… Haa…

「What are you doing?」

Though it wasn’t loud at all, a voice with an intimidating air sounded………

I have a bad feeling.

「Your Highness!!」

Ahー Just like I thought…

I hid behind my big brother.

My brother and the trash were doing their formalities. They can’t stop until they’re given permission. I hung my head and averted my eyes.

I’m also a rude guy.

「At ease」

When His Highness granted permission, the two lifted their heads.

Without changing, I used my brother as a shield.

「It looked like Tristan Disdall was about to raise his hand against a child, though?」

「What!? I would never」


In a rage, you were about to bring out your fists.

「Is that so? Then why is Nefertima hiding?」

It’s not like I’m hiding because I was scared to be hit!

I just don’t want to be caught by that brutish Prince!

「You know my sister, Your Highness?」

「She was in my care before when she got lost in the palace」

「I washn’t losht!」(I wasn’t lost!)

Crap. My mouth moved on it’s own…

「Hou. You’re talking back to me…?」

GYAHーーー The brutish Prince is heading this wayー!

I-I have to run.

Just as I was about to break into a run, I was suddenly pulled by powerful arms.

A forced hug…

「Nooー Lemme down!」(Let me down)

My brother and the trash were bewildered at the strange sight, the one where the Prince was amusedly enjoying a toddler’s protesting, so to say.

Help me!

「You’re interesting, as usual. Want to become my plaything?」

SHOCK…To look at a person’s face and say it’s interesting……… To treat someone like a toy… How much of a brute is this Prince!!?


I sought rescue from my brother while half crying.

My brother came to, but he didn’t come to seperate me from the brutish Prince, so there didn’t seem to be anything he could do.

「I’ll make it so you can enter and leave the palace freely, though?」

From the brutish Prince’s few words, I stopped all resistance.

Free pass to the royal palace = playing with Wrath-kun as much as I want!

My thoughts must have shown on my face, the brutish Prince held back his laughter.

「Do you like Wrath that much?」

「Wrash-kun ish my fwiend!」(Wrath-kun is my friend!)

Please do something about this articulation!!

「My apologies, but Your Highness. Wouldn’t it be too generous to grant freedom to the palace to such a child?」

The trash filed a complaint.

To get in the way of Wrath-kun and my date, how outrageous!

「If it’s Nefertima, then there’s no problem. Father has also taken a liking to her.」

「The King-shama?」

「Yes. Show your face to my Father sometimes too.」

Ooh. Is it ok for me to meet the King again?


「You seem to like my Father. Why is it you only run away when it’s with me?」

Eehhー of course it’s because of that!

「Because you’re a brute.」

My reply was immediate. It seems it’s only at the times when I’m bad mouthing things does my mouth work well. My personality is bad to the point where I can’t say anything about other people. New discovery!

「I see. Did I mess with you that much?」

Your smile has turned really crooked, Prince…


「Ih hursー」(It hurts)

Don’t pinch my cheeksー!

Is it alright to cry now? I can, right?

「Excuse me, Your Highness. It’s about time for Carna’s announcement, so may you please return Nema?」

Nice, big brother!!

I was liberated from the pinching assault, but remaining in this brutish Prince’s arms, I can’t feel relieved at all.

Hurry and release me! I implored from the bottom of my heart.

「Then I’ll go too.」


N-no. It’s fine!! (What’s used here is 結構 Kekkou. While it actually means positive things, like “splendid, nice, wonderful, sufficient, good enough, tolerable, reasonably” etc etc, it can also be implied to mean “no thank you.” So it’s kind of a double meaning here, which is how I took it anyway. That’s why I used “it’s fine!” Which in cases can mean, “sure you can” or “no you don’t have to.”)

Ah, were we not supposed to use「it’s fine」when refusing?

「But it’ll be improper if you go like that, so…Please have mercy.」

Big brother, do your best! You’re the only one I can depend on now!!

But, there was no way my brother, who was only a child, could go against the royalty.

「It’s fine. This is already my toy. You don’t have to worry about it.」

After the brutish Prince declared that, my big brother showed an uneasy face.

Aahh…Did I, perhaps, make a mistake in my selection??

Big brother, I’m sorry.

「Tristan, Nefertima is under my protection. Restrain yourself from actions like today’s from now on.」

The trash was startled at the brutish Prince’s intimidation and paled after he finally realized he bought the Prince’s resentment.

My condolences.

While being carried by the brutish Prince, we headed towards big sister’s venue.

Or rather, how long do I have to be carried for?

It would be ok if it was an adult, but for a child the same age as my brother, wasn’t I heavy?

No, it’s not like I’m fat or anything!! …probably……

「Ishn’t it hebby? I can walk, you know?」(Isn’t it heavy?)

「It’s just perfect for training.」

Wait! You!!

Though I asked myself, you should treat maidens more sensitively!

You won’t be popular!!

…Ahhー Un. He’s an ikemen and a prince and an oresama(?) type with super good future prospects, so there’s no way he wouldn’t be popular.

While thinking such things, I stared fixedly at the brutish Prince’s face.

「Nefertima’s eyes are black?」

That was out of the blue!

I get it, it  was because I kept staring at him.

Well, if our lines of sight met at this distance, people would notice.

「If I had to say, then it would be a blue that’s close to black.」

It seemed to be bad to present it as black, my family more or less push for it to be blue.

I haven’t been taught the reason for that yet, but let’s change the topic for now.

「Jusht call me Nema」

Since Nefertima is long, you can just call me by my nickname. Or rather, I’ve noticed this recently, but wouldn’t the pet names for Nefertima be「Nefer」or「Ruti」? (Nefertima’s name in Katakana is spelled “Neferutima” (not much of a difference). That’s where the “Ruti” part comes from.)

Just taking the first and last bits, just how much do you intend to omit!? Is what I’ve recently come to think, today.

「Nema, hm… Then call me Vil」


Ahー sorry. I still can’t pronounce the “S’s” and “R’s” well. (What Nema’s talking about here is actually the S and R table of the Japanese alphabet. Specifically, “sa, shi, su, se, so” and “ra, ri, ru, re, ro”. There is no “L” in the Japanese language, so they usually substitute it with an “R”. Vil’s name is spelled ヴィル Viru, so it’s hard for Nema to pronounce.)

「………Vi is fine」

Ah, the brutish Prince compromised.

It feels like something’s up when he’s kind, so it’s kinda scary though…

Huh? In the end, I was violated by the brutish Prince??

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