Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 67

Promotional Test Part 4

“I’m sorry…”

Chiyu-san was constantly bowing to us. She had become very confused in the previous battle. Rashin-san glanced at her, feeling regretful.

“I’m sorry, everyone,” Rashin-san said to clear the air. “Chiyu is so shy… I’m sure she’s very nervous, but she’s definitely a skilled Healer.”

Chiyu seemed even more apologetic, bowing her head.

“Well, it’s her first time…”

“That’s right. While she didn’t participate in that battle, she was watching the surroundings so we didn’t have to worry.”

I say that, but it won’t go well for her if that’s all she does.

“Will you be okay next time?”

Chiyu-san bit her lower lip tightly when I asked that.

“I-I’ll do my best.”

“…Yes, please. Let’s fight some goblins again. This time, try to move with each other as much as possible. How about it, Warrior-san?”

Warrior-san nodded to my question.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Let’s move with Chiyu for the first head-on attack.”

“…I-I-I’ll do my best!”

It would be a big problem if Chiyu-san couldn’t move at all. Even if she couldn’t fulfill her request, it would become our joint responsibility. We’re a party, after all.

I activated Visual Enhancement and looked for more goblins. Not long after, I found some, and we moved to intercept them.

“Well then, Chiyu. If you please.”

At Warrior-san’s prompting, Chiyu-san gripped her staff tightly, and I noticed magical power gathering. As the magic filled our surroundings, the goblins eventually took notice, all six of them shouting simultaneously.

Their cry startled Chiyu-san and she flinched. Rashin-san put her hand on the fearful Chiyu-san’s shoulder.


As soon as she shouted that, a fireball flew straight into a goblin’s face as it ran towards us, sending it rolling onto the ground. The flames engulfed the whole group of goblins and stopped some of them, but they soon began to move again.

We’re ready, too.

“Let’s go.”


The militant Warrior-san and Rashin-san rushed in, and a few steps behind them, Thief-san followed. I also joined the attack while keeping an eye on the situation. Six goblins all leaped at the same time. Warrior-san stood in front to stop their attacks, blocking two of them, but another goblin leaped in from the back. Warrior-san was in a dangerous position. But right there with him was Rashin-san, swinging her spear.

One of the goblins dodged it and slashed at Rashin-san, dodging her spear with a small movement and immediately slashing at her. This time the goblins are coordinating.

I threw a knife at a goblin that was trying to join the attack from a distance. The goblin staggered and glared at me. That attack was meant to disrupt the enemy’s coordination as much as possible.

“H-hey, Rashin! You’re in the way!”

“That’s my line! Hey!”

Those two who were fighting as vanguards bumped into each other. The goblins had manipulated them well, letting out a joyful-seeming cry. I threw knives at the two of them. I’ve been doing that for quite a while, so my aim is almost perfect.

“Rashin-san, leave those two to Warrior-san and step back for a moment!”

It’s not like I’m the ideal person to give directions, but while Warrior-san was doing the vanguard job, I could see our full surroundings. I was still using Visual Enhancement to keep an eye on things.

“Alright, leave it to me.”

“Warrior-san, go to that spot and draw the goblins’ attention. When we get an opening, we’ll all attack!”

Naturally, it’s still impossible for us to skillfully coordinate, but we should be able to get something going right now if we set the enemy up to be vulnerable.

Warrior-san seemed to understand my intentions, and spun his axe around where he stood. The goblins backed off quickly, but not all of them made it in time, and one of them was cut.

When Warrior-san’s spin stopped, the goblins tried to set up their formation again, but Rashin-san and Thief-san slashed at them. Since they attacked from behind, two goblins which were full of openings got their heads cut off.

Only three of them were left. The goblins looking at Warrior-san glanced at Rashin-san and Thief-san. Perhaps realizing the disadvantage of numbers, they turned around to run away.

“Chiyu-san, please use your skill on the goblins that are trying to escape.”


Chiyu-san released a skill which she’d already prepared, and it flew with perfect aim into one of the escaping goblins, which fell and rolled on the ground in agony.

The remaining two were screaming with rage, and started slashing, but it was still only two of them. Warrior-san and Rashin-san were the best at melee combat, and faced them together.

Thief-san and I stayed within sight of the goblins. By doing so, they also had to pay attention to us. The moment they were distracted by us, they’d present an opening, and Warrior-san and Rashin-san wouldn’t be so silly as to miss it. The battle ended when Warrior-san cut through the heart of one goblin and Rashin-san ran the other one through.

Chiyu-san burned and processed the corpses. It’s basically what you do for monsters you don’t need. Well, sometimes you can’t burn them anyway because you don’t have the skill for it.

Rashin-san and Warrior-san looked at me.

“Your instructions were pretty precise in the heat of the moment, do you have experience with this?”

“He’s right… our first move obviously wasn’t great, but things went pretty smoothly after you started giving instructions.”

I smiled at their praise. “It’s the first time I’ve given instructions. However, I did it because I have a little wider view than the others here, due to the detection skill attached to my Divine Treasure.”

“I see. That’s why you gave such perfect instructions.”

Thief-san nodded as if convinced. Chiyu-san was also happy somehow as she came over.

“M-me too…! You told me when to release my skill, so I was able to use it easily!”

It really just happened by chance. Given Chiyu-san’s character, I thought it would be difficult for her, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut about that for now.

“Besides, that knife was perfect.”

“Warrior-san too, you were attracting the monsters perfectly at the front line.”

“I-is that so?”

Warrior-san seemed happy while stroking his head. I looked at Rashin-san and Thief-san.

“You both took advantage of the gaps Warrior-san created. That made things a lot easier for me.”

“I guess? But your precise instructions did matter. It was very helpful to receive such smooth instructions on the spot,” said Thief-san. Rashin-san nodded in agreement.

“Well then, in the next battle, is it okay if we let Relius fight at a medium distance and give us instructions?”

“Oh, I don’t mind!”

“Me neither.”

“Y-yes… I-I’d like to ask Relius-san for that, too!”

…You know, if everyone agrees like that, I can’t exactly refuse.

“I understand… I’ll do my best.”

Well, I didn’t feel bad about being relied on. After that, we fought goblins several more times, and I practiced giving instructions, and the others also practiced their coordination before going into the forest.

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