In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 34


My body felt electrified.

I could tell that thin layer of flesh being stretched to its limit.

Something thick and hot was being devoured by my body greedily.

That place being stretched to its limit. My insides tightened around that hot foreign object and squeezed tightly, whether it’s sensei’s heat, his reason that wasn’t found on the surface, was thrown out.

My insides twitched and trembled.

Each time my body shuddered, inside my blank mind, it’s as if a strange lightning shone.

I can’t breathe. My tears flowed down one after another.

[Rina….. Breathe.]

I just realized that I stopped breathing when I heard sensei’s impatient voice when he pat my cheek.

It’s as if it isn’t my body at all. Whether it’s my own breath, or my fingertips, it doesn’t listen to what I want. As if it’s just being controlled by sensei’s warmth.

[Rina, breathe!]

Before I knew it, my clamped lips were forcefully pried open by sensei’s fingers.

Being saved, the moment I somehow suck in a breath——


Sensei’s thing moved with a start. Like a tremendous electric current flowed, my body jerked. With those movements, my body trembled even more.

As to what I should do, I don’t know.

It hurts.

I feel hot.

I’m scared.

Such thoughts came through my mind again and again.

When sensei realized I was breathing again, he seemed to be relieved.

Just getting to breathe, my tears haven’t stopped yet, in my head, I looked pathetic but I still happily laughed.

[Ah—-…. No good. You’re too cute.]

I heard sensei’s heartfelt voice. Those heartfelt words made my chest feel warm.

In that moment, my secret place tightened up. At the same time, honey oozed from my insides.

[……. Idiot, don’t, play with me.]

He swallowed back down his breath, and said so as if blaming me.

I was startled after being suddenly scolded, looking up, I found a ferocious gaze.


I pulled back from shock, naturally, his hot rod and my juices rubbed together. At that moment, pleasure once again hit me and jerked.


Wait, isn’t this bad.

Being conscious for a moment, and then just by moving, my consciousness goes away again and being attacked by something.

I’ve already become like this just at this point, I wonder what will happen if sensei started to move for real…….

[Se, sensei…..]

I spoke in a small voice so that it wouldn’t cause for my body to move, but even that whisper made my skin feel goosebumps.

[…….Ah—-, amazing. It feels so good I’m exhilarated.]

Sensei, listen to me! Don’t get excited!

[Sensei, I say…..]


[……Umm, you see. Nnn… Wait….. Umm, I don’t’…. feel… good…. So…. Nnnn… pull out, just once…. Hyaaa..]

Squeezing out those words, sensei looked anxiously as sweat gathered on his forehead.

[NO! Wa…. WAIT!]

Because sensei moved, my body jerked back.

My walls squeezed and tightened on sensei and were like waves. In addition, honey overflowed once again from my insides.

I don’t want this anymore, why did it end up like this?

[…..Ngh. What’s the matter? Does it hurt after all?]

While groaning a little, he worriedly asked.

That gentle gaze made my insides tighten up again.

And it made sensei swallow his breath again.

[…… It… hurts, but….. more than…. that…. It’s, scary…]

Even if it’s just a breath faster, I faintly appealed.


[I’m…. definitely, becoming, weird….. pathetic…. Messy….. you’ll,…… be grossed at me….]

That’s right, at this rate, logic will be blown away.

If that happens, I’ll let out a weird voice, my face will be disgraceful, or I might even drool…..

My maiden heart didn’t want the person I like to see me like that, I have that even if I’m over 30 already in spirit.

I wonder if it’s getting to me because I’m overwhelmed. I can’t keep my emotions in check like the usual.

Once again, my tears fell.

Sobbing lightly, pleasure ran through my body again like a nightmare.

My whole body tingled, and I felt a movement in the air.

On one hand, my body couldn’t take it, on the other, I’m curious about sensei’s reaction that isn’t hinted.

Does he disdain me after all?

When I gingerly glanced upwards, he had an amazing face on him.

His eyes were glaring and his expression was distorted.

It looked like he left everything to his instincts….. It was like the face of a beast.

——-AH, did I, do something wrong?

[Rina? …… Don’t, even think of getting out of here.]

The moment he said it in a lo~~~w tone, I finally remembered it.

—–Ah, this guy, now that I remember, he’s a yandere.

My blood drained from me.

My thoughts ended there.


He grabbed both of my ankles and lifted me up in an instant. He pressed it against my shoulders, my body bent, and seemed to fold into two. Of course, the place where I’m connected with sensei became visible.


The weight came from above, and sensei’s thing pushed inside.

Loud wet noises reverberated in the room.

I grew breathless as he intensely kept pounding on my womb.


My body shuddered at the hot thing that went deeper and deeper inside.

Sensei’s fingers intertwined with mine that was twitching.

Pressed against the bed, with sensei’s thing penetrating deeper, I couldn’t do anything but raise my voice.

Just when I thought that sensei went deeper and then finally pulled out in the last minute, he suddenly once again put it in with much force than before.

The impact made my body jolt in shock.

Meanwhile, sensei’s hot rod made me a mess inside.

He thrusted deeper and deeper, going in a circle, stirring me up.

[Hiiii….Nnn…. Aaahhh]

Only fragmented words with incomplete thoughts spill from my mouth carrying a sweet sound. Together with the constant wet noise echoing, turning into a growing obscenity.

[Rina…… I love you…..]

As soon as he whispered lightly to my ears, pleasure ran from the tip of my toes to my fingertips like a tsunami.

My vision flickered for a moment.


My body convulsed remarkably and trembled greatly.


Sensei swallowed.

The next moment, a scorching fluid burst inside me.

—–Sensei invaded me from the inside, dyeing me.

I thought about such thing from my consciousness growing distant.

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