In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 28


[Now then, I’ll give plenty of those punishments later.]

He smiled with his eyes glaring and finally let go of my wrist.

I’m already unable to stand up.

My cheeks felt strangely hot, both my wrist and my body are throbbing.

Even from my past life, this is a first.

When I remembered what was done to me just a while ago, gyaaa—! I wanna roll on the floor while screaming!

But, the thought immediately vanished.

Sensei started kicking the male students again.

[Sensei! That’s really dangerous! Please stop!]

Because my hips gave out, I slid my butt over the carpet and pulled on sensei’s pants.

He looked down at me—– and clicked his tongue for some reason.

Eh, why, click your tongue?

[You, aside from me, don’t do that upturned eyes.]

[Huh….. WHAT!?]

I accidentally yelled out loud.

What the heck are you saying sensei!?

Wait, before that, stop, stop kicking!

[Sensei, I’m telling you that’s really dangerous! He’ll die! You’d also get fired!]

[Like I care about that.]

[Calm down~~~!!]

I was complaining almost tearfully when he clicked his tongue again.

Sensei, your character’s wrong! You weren’t a delinquent character!

[……You, looking at me with those eyes. Remember it well.]

[What’s with the threatening words!]

I instinctively gave a tsukkomi.

However, his violent aura disappeared so I was relieved.

Wait a minute, he said and then took out his phone from his breast pocket. I thought it was a mail or something, he began tapping on it and then immediately closed his phone.

[—— Like, why are you suddenly acting like this? Even just before, there weren’t even any signs of being assaulted.]

[…..I wonder why is that.]

My eyes darted around.

As expected, after looking around at this tragedy, I can’t say [Heroine-chan is probably the cause]………

[Rinaaa? You, have some ideas about this, right?]


Sensei said it obstinately, put his hand to my side and lifted me in his arms to stand.

I inadvertently let out a cry after suddenly having my arm swung around.

I tried to get away in a panic but his arms held my waist and pulled me closer, just like that, I was in his arms and bumped my nose to his chest.

[O, ouch]

[Sorry, sorry.]

While apologizing, he was laughing.

I looked up at him with a sullen face, I was met with a surprising sweetness, but, somewhere in it was beast-like eyes—– as if drawing you in.

[Honda, are you okay!?]


In that moment, someone suddenly came flying in the audiovisual room.

I hastily tried to get away from sensei’s chest but I was held firmly that I couldn’t move.

[Sensei! This is bad!]

[Hah? What is bad?]

The one who came was Tounouin-kun.

[Honda! You okay? …… Sensei, what did you do?]

Tounouin’s eyes are locked in on sensei! His gaze just went past cool and became cold!

Tounouin-kun came closer and separated us.

Sensei slightly shrugged his shoulders.

[You, didn’t do anything strange, did you?]

[“Sensei”, call me “sensei”.]

After glaring at sensei who dodged his gaze, Tounouin-kun worriedly studied me.

[Honda, are you okay?]

[Yup, sorry for worrying you. I’m perfectly fine.]

When I smiled at him, Tounouin-kun felt relieved that he relaxed his shoulders.

It seems I really worried him.

But, at that moment, the door to the audiovisual room opened again.

The next one who came was, wearing black suits, people who for some reason has a dark aura to them.

They’re all wearing sunglasses.

Eh, are you related to the plot?

For a moment, I thought I saw Hajime-chan or some other member of the Mikawa group but I don’t remember any of those people.

Without saying anything, they skillfully carried the male students collapsed on the carpet.

Eh, is this okay like this?

[Sensei, sensei. They’re…..]


As I tugged on his sleeves, he glanced towards where I pointed and simply nodded.

[Yeah, that’s fine. They’re the ones I called over.]

[Eh? “Called over”?]

[Aa-h, yup, well. Look, they’re something like a disposal unit for these kinds of incidents.]

A suspicious glint just flashed by in his eyes just now, right?

[Does the school have those kinds of “units”?]

[Ee-h, aa-h, yup. There are.]

Hmm, as expected of this kind of society. However, I think it would’ve been fine without them looking so authentic with those attire……

[There’s no way the school has those dangerous kinds of people. What, are they?]

[Well, they’re onii-sans who teach others what happens if you touch something you shouldn’t.]

[Do they have anything to do with you?]

[Yes…. That’s why, you brat. If you don’t want to end up sorry, don’t do anything rash.]

Those two were whispering about something. I couldn’t hear anything that they were talking about but, they seriously look like they get along well.

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