In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 24


Ever since I’ve become aware of my surroundings, I never had trouble with women.

Not that I sought it on my own.

I, Kurekamiji Akihiro, am the second second son of an affluent family.

We manufacture and sell precision equipment, and when you mention our company name, anyone in the world knows about it as the foremost company.

We’ve extended our hands in other industries as well, speaking of Kurekamiji Conglomerate, they’re in the top 5 wealthiest family in Japan.

In addition, although we can’t overtly say it, we control a part of a Hong Kong mafia and prosper in the underground business too.

Thanks to that, as well as being born and groomed with good looks, I was naturally popular with women.

Because of the big difference in the birth rate between men and women in this world, [being popular with women], is quite a rare thing.

To the women of this world, guys are, whether they’re leaving them or approaching them in humor, easily available. As if buying something and saying, ‘I want that’, they’re treated like servants.

However, to those women, even the Kurekamiji Conglomerate holds a special charm for them.

From the first half of my teens, various kinds of women tried to get close to me, I would make up some facts if possible. The youngest being 10 years old to even 40 years old, really different women.

I basically ignored silly flirtatious women, and sometimes there’d also be those gloomy helpless kind. They’d think that just because they had some face and style, they’re already worth loving, they’re all so foolish. No matter how much you chase them away, they would still follow me around.

Such women who eat just because they can, I only disposed them.

It’s certainly an established fact in this country that you have to get married, but, that’s only applicable if your partner is alive.

Being sick of those days, becoming a teacher was relatively smooth-sailing for me.

As usual, there were times where both my licensed female colleagues and students alike chased after me but, I don’t know if it’s because it’s a prestigious school, both those colleagues and students were all the serious type, they’re a manageable bunch.

—— Just, ever since I was born, the thirst to hold someone was never quenched.

I do think that the job as a teacher is my vocation but, I don’t feel satisfied with just that in life.

Seeing my friend have someone they love and have a family, I’d think of how I don’t have my own partner.

I thought that maybe it was just my fate.

And the one who overturned that thought was a 15-year old girl who just entered high school.

Still a young girl—– Honda Rina, at first, she was just a student to me. She was just unfamiliar with the society, she’s unusually open-minded and relaxed, and doesn’t care one bit when faced with a man’s flattery.

Lastly, she declared her intention of being single and even announced her [do-or-die resistance].

That declaration of hers instantly charmed all the guys in her class.

In the first place, although there would be some girls who would first approach, it is still usually the guys to approach them initially.

On top of that, Honda’s looks aren’t bad.

Her face without any make-up would look immature but between that gap and her powerful gaze as if going her own way was strangely fascinating to the guys.

And I was no exception from that. Her childish face and her cold bearing.

Looking at her, it gives me the chills and want to conquer her.

And with that, she instantly gathered the attention of the guys, afterwards, surprisingly, no one dared to touch her.

If things go downhill, she might get raped so I kept my eyes peeled but, we rarely even chatted so I don’t know if she’s being called out.

What on earth did you do? I convinced myself by observing her.

I wasn’t sure if I did it deliberately or unconsciously but there weren’t any chances at all.

She doesn’t meet with the guy’s eyes, even when those guys approach her to chat, she would stand up from her seat with great timing and look over her phone.

However, the more that it happens and accumulates, their gazes would burn even hotter.

And I too——-

Somehow, when I chat with her, I gradually got more and more attracted to her.

Inside her innocence is her unusual sex appeal. She’s stoic, and because of that, her delicate scent as a woman stands out. The more I look, the more she gives me the shivers.

I’d call her over and cover it up as a part of the chores, and as I had her assist me, those feelings have just grown stronger.

She’s an ordinary girl. A natural airhead, goes with her own pace, as well as stubborn.

She’s really just a very, very regular girl. But, she’s lovely. When she pouts, I want to poke her cheeks, and when I get stared at, I want to just kiss her. After drinking cocoa, her face would relax limply that just makes me want to hug her tightly. When she’d get teary-eyed, I want to make her cry even harder. I wanna make her cry with my own hands——–

How sweet would her kiss taste like?

Taking off her clothes, kissing the little crowns on her chest, what kind of face would she make?

Conquering her, and pounding her hard, how sweet will her voice let out?

Just thinking about it makes me tremble with excitement.

I’d love to see her slovenly appearance after I thoroughly caress her.

Behind the mask of a [Good Teacher], I imagine about her like that and masturbate to her many times.

But, I still really am a teacher after all——–

I gave her my contact number, I made a bit of some body contact, and I understand it’d be dangerous to do anything more than that.

I was conscious about it but still——

[Hey, today’s class duty, come with me and help me out at the prep. room.]

Honda’s on class duty today.

Of course, having her help out is just an excuse, I just really wanted to spend some time with her and just us two.

I’m mixing my personal with official matters but give at least this much.

I called out on Tounouin Ao.

He’s on good terms with Honda. When they chat, they exude [High School Youth], and it makes me irritated.

Even though I’m enduring it, this guy is just—–

But, what I don’t like about him is that we seem to be similar.

When I and Honda talk, he would scowl intensely. And the last straw, just before, he said to me, [You’ve been nominating Honda a lot to assist you, what are trying to do? That’s sexual harassment, you know.]

What’s with this brat, he’s really annoying.

[Haa? If it’s Honda, she already went to help you out.]

Tounouin-kun irritably said so. As usual, he doesn’t treat me as he should as a teacher.

It got me annoyed as well thus knitting my brows.

Honda went to help me out? I only requested for her assistance today for the first time———-

I have a bad feeling about this.

[Hey, where did she go?]

[What do you mean ‘where’, you’re the one who appointed the place.]

[Whatever, tell me where she went!]

I almost howled at him, making his face turn a different shade.

[By any chance, you weren’t the one who called for her?]

[Since when and where did she go!?]

[Audiovisual room. ——- About 20 minutes ago.]

The moment he heard his answer, he turned on his heels and ran with all his might.

I don’t understand the whole situation but it probably isn’t something good. Much more in a fully soundproofed audiovisual room.

—–She’s in danger.

Even if she gets sullied, I’ll never forgive the other party. Just killing him wouldn’t be enough. I’ll make him spend his life looking forward to the days where he could die but not able to.

At the same time, I realized something.

—— I can’t run away anymore.

From my own feelings. I can’t say it’s because I’m a teacher.

I won’t allow Honda to belong to someone else. Never.

I won’t hand her over to anyone, I’d keep her enveloped in my arms forever, melt her in my love, and make her only mine.

[Prepare yourself, Rina.]

The first time I said her name, it became a chain of thorns that bound my heart and will never be taken off.

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