In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 05


A man entered my field of vision when I turned back.

Soft wavy unruly olive brown hair, narrow probing eyes. In the corner of those eyes were lightly etched wrinkles.

Those wrinkles softened his image, making you feel the years that he accumulated, and exudes an unwavering presence.

That suit creating a beautiful line that ran along the contour of his body is clearly a luxury item. And those impressive muscles enhancing his manliness.

Age, 48 years old. Height, 185 cm. He has a stubble making him look slightly wild, showing his charm as an adult. His hobby is reading books.

Hm? It’s too detailed?

Well, of course it is. Do you know how much hardships I have encountered just to meet this person in my previous life!?

Rather, that’s not what I meant!

Why is a hidden character in a place like this!?

[You, you’re a freshman, right? What are you doing in here?]

Contrary to his soft voice, his gaze was sharp.

S-so scary.

[I-I’m sorry. I was going to my classroom when I got separated along the way and ended up getting lost.]

I unconsciously lowered my head submissively.

Simply put, this person, Nijimiya Hiroaki-shiis a hidden character from the R-18 otome game [Honey of Temptaion: Premonition of Indecency], and is the board chairman of this school.

He runs several private schools and is a second young masterof an industrial conglomerate.

He won’t appear if you don’t clear all the endings in the game, aside from that, even after clearing the game, there’s still only a 50% chance that he’ll show up, this hidden character has that kind of savage set-up.

To actually encounter that character in reality!

[I see. Which class?]

[F-from 1-B.]

[That’s Kurekamiji3-sensei’s class.]

What did you say!?

I staggered from shock and almost collapsed from the chairman’s words. Our class advisor is another capture target!

God, WHY are you giving me this trial!?…..

N-no, it’ll be okay.

I’m simply a mob character. In the first place, whether or not I actually entered the game’s world is still just my suspicion4. My presence is on the same level with a locker in the background. Relax, me.

Besides, although this is indeed exactly similar to the world of the otome game, as long as this isn’t an otome game, there’s no way a teacher would touch a student.

That’s right, that blinding sensual world is after all, just a game.

Because of the continuous unbelievable incident occurring, it seems that my complexion has paled appropriately.

The chairman’s sharp gaze loosened and anxiously looked at me.

[Are you alright? You don’t look well. You did stagger just a while ago.]

Oh no, I was too absorbed in my own world.

[I-I’m sorry. Actually, because I was already feeling unwell when I got separated earlier, I thought of going somewhere to rest for a while…. That’s when I found this room.]

I followed up with an excuse for both my complexion and excursion.

But, as soon as he heard it, the chairman’s face turned serious, and then the next moment, he grinned.

[Is that so, you were feeling unwell. Eyes glowing, a book held in your hand, seemingly about to read.]

Thi-this is bad.

I’m aware that he’s evidently enjoying this.

[No, this….]

[Well then, let’s go to your classroom. It’s alright, I’m not anyone suspicious. I’m affiliated with the school. Relax, I’ll look after you properly. Attentively, and patiently, okay……]

A chill ran down deep inside my body unconsciously as he smiled dubiously.

– –shi is just similar to –san.

– He’s 48 yrs. old but he’s a second young master, it’s bc he ain’t married yo.

– I’m not sure how this 紅竜寺先生 should be… at first I thought it was Kurenai Ryuuji but everyone’s calling with that name so that must be just the surname.. urrgghhh.. NAMES…. holler if you have any idea… in the meantime, I’ll use Kurekamiji-sensei… God that’s SO weird..

– Meaning that she’s in the world of the game but doesn’t necessarily mean that things would flow similarly. She’s still suspicious about being in the actual game with the same story or if it’ll proceed the way the game did. Or, well, that’s how I understood from it.

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