The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 05

I stared at Calcilast-sama’s eyes without paying attention to the night sky. His light blue eyes are like an ocean gently enveloping everything… I’m in daze.

I summoned the courage to open my mouth. The tension made me talk hastily. Calcilast-sama is looking at me with an earnest face.

“Have you ever fallen in love, Calcilast-sama?  Your beloved person is…”

I would like to hear my name… I might be unable to endure if another person’s name comes out. The back of my nose was prickly and my mouth dry.

Calcilast-sama asked in return. Unexpectedly. My eyes opened wide in surprise.

“Marikana, how about you? There’s one woman I love. I believe she’s my fated partner…”

I want to know who that partner is. For some reason he didn’t say it, so it can’t be me… I feel hollow… I feel heavy, my knees gave up and I fell onto the concrete.

In a hurry Calcilast-sama crouched down and put his hands on my shoulders. Then he asked. The face is pale… But, you have someone you love… And it’s not me…

“A, are you alright, Marikana? My Marikana?”

It’s shameless to insincerely say my Marikana as if nothing happened.

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