The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 08

I silently wiped my tears with a sleeve of my dress. It got wet a little. But my expression became cheerful. I squeezed him from behind.

The prince was shocked and went “Wawawa” flustered, then coughed and said.

“Marikana, please once again. From a moment ago…”

Hearing this, I felt like being mean. After all, I am a villainess.

“From a moment ago? I don’t understand well”

He stopped walking, inhaled deeply and covertly said.

“! … Um… That… I wish you’d squeeze me…”

I kept going with bullying Calcilast-sama who’s cute like a dog. Kukuku.

“Your voice was too quiet to hear it. Please speak a little louder”

I’m swaying a little on Calcilast-sama, like on a swing. He seems to be quite agitated. Have I overdone it? I’m sorry.

“T, that hug… please give me a hug! Is that okay? Marikana?”

I said “Yes!” and squeezed him. I embraced him tightly. Calcilast-sama stopped walking and let out “Ha, hawawa!”, a strangely funny yet lovely reaction.

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