The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 12

Something prickled my dry nose. I felt flowery fragrance from somewhere. Where does this scent waft from? I separated from Calcilast-sama slightly and looked around.

At that moment Calcilast-sama said in panic “Marikana, please don’t separate! It’s sad, or how should I put it… It’s cold!”. I thought of finishing looking as soon as possible. But I couldn’t find any vases filled with flowers. Is it an incense?

I sniffed to the right, then left and finally in front of me. Then I noticed the smell was coming from the direction of Calcilast-sama in front of me. I clung to Calcilast-sama closely and smelled him. Ah, what a pleasant smell. The source of scent was Calcilast-sama after all.

I said. While filling my lungs with Calcilast-sama’s pleasant smell.

“Calcilast-sama, the perfume you wear. I love its scent. It’s very pleasant…”

Calcilast said “I’m embarrassed to be sniffed… but I’m happy…” and continued. I felt his cheeks were red.

“I’m not wearing any. Isn’t it your imagination?”

I shook my head and said “No, you smell like flowers without a doubt!” Calcilast-sama asked “Does Marikana like my scent?” to which I replied “Yes!” Calcilast-sama seemed delighted, and with heightened tension said “I’m happy! Thank you”

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