The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 16

It seems like I’m on a miraculous date. I could name it a piggyback date. There aren’t many who could enjoy such a date. Perhaps, we are the first.

I felt like I was snuggly inside the futon of Calcilast-sama’s temperature.

I wish this moment would last forever… That would surely… But, even children understand something like that is impossible. Because there’s no story in life that doesn’t end.

It can’t be helped, right… It’s sad and painful, but… Calcilast-sama’s kindness wraps around me. Uh, I’m getting sleepy, I’m dozing off.

I called out to Calcilast-sama, who gives off a sense of security like an amniotic fluid, to avert falling to sleep.

“Aren’t you slowly getting tired? Carrying me on your back… Can you let me down, no… That’s not right, could you lower me?”

Then Calcilast-sama asked “I want to be close with my beloved as much as possible… Marikana, is it a bother?” in a crying voice. His handsome face in front of me seems distorted…

I felt happy and said “If Calcilast-sama wishes so, with pleasure!”

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