The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 19

I felt unusually down. It felt like the reality we aren’t a good match crushed me like a machine press.

It’s frustrating such a timid thought came to my mind. Certainly, I don’t have many weapons. On the contrary, it’s as if Calcilast-sama is equipped with the strongest sword, shield, armor, and helmet.

I’ll interest myself in various things and put my utmost effort to be someone who can stand at Calcilast-sama’s side!

Now that I decided to do my best, let’s think about what methods to use. I’m no good right now. I must polish myself more.

If Calcilast-sama is like a diamond, I’m like a pig… I can’t allow this. I want to become the same gem at least. I said to Calcilast-sama.

“Calcilast-sama, please wait for me. Becoming a first-rate woman might be impossible, but until I become a second-rate woman…”

My statement made him puzzledly tilt his head and asked a question “Marikana is a first-class woman, what happened, my beloved?”

His remark overflowing with kindness startled me and made me flush. He’s a good person.

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