The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 26

I got up from the snow-white bed feeling cold sweat on my back. Then I greeted Cannes “Good morning, Cannes…” with a slightly listless voice.

Cannes kindly said “Marikana-sama had a nightmare… Is there any matter causing distress? If you wish, you can consult about it with me?” with a gentle face.

Cannes is a good girl. She’s older than me, can do housework and is reliable.

I locked eyes with her for around two seconds, then decided to confide a little. I also considered I need to change from my pink pajamas.

“Actually, it’s about Calcilast-sama… Do you think he likes me? Hm?”

Without hesitation Cannes answered “He likes you very much, or rather, he’s infatuated with you!” Still, I asked “Truly?” to which Cannes began to violently nod and said “Of course!”

I was feeling down, but thanks to Cannes’s liveliness I recovered. I’m pessimistic. I have to fix this… I can’t enjoy my happy life like that.

Cannes switched to work mode “Is the dress over there fine with you?” She’s fast to switch, isn’t she.

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