The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 42

I joined hands with Calcilast-sama savoring the joy. I wonder if something like us joining hands is what happiness is.

There’s a great amount of ladies superior to me in various aspects … I wonder whether I’m not a low-class lady… I understand father and mother are fine people. However. I… I…

My happy mood is steadily getting away at the speed of sound. If I were a bit better… I’d be confident if I had some special skills but…

I wonder what is my strong point? Gentleness? Almond-shaped eyes? Um, I have no idea. Calcilast-sama admires me, but does he really think so?

You can’t, me. I must believe in Calcilast-sama. Then I heard Calcilast-sama’s voice.

“Marikana, why have your expression turned grim, has something happened to make you sad? Any problem?”

It appeared on my face, huh, in panic I tried to gloss over it “I’m a little tired from overeating…” Calcilast-sama opened the luxuriously patterned dining hall door with the hand that wasn’t holding mine.

We left the dining hall with Calcilast-sama worriedly watching me. He still seems to care about me. It’s like I’m being taken care of like a precious national treasure…

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