The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 56

With my words relief showed on his face. The tears from a while ago disappeared. I wonder whether they were my imagination…

I encouraged him to resume our date. Pulling his hand, we advanced. I felt somehow lively. However, I don’t know when the negative emotions will overpower me… But until then I want to keep being positive…

I want to see Calcilast-sama smile. My heart breaks into fierce waltz when a smile shows on his handsome face. You couldn’t think of it as a waltz…

Passing by servants and soldiers, we arrived at the entrance. But, two, three, servants are rattling the door. What happened?

Calcilast-sama called out to them. Everyone who heard his voice felt a sense of security. I’m alternately looking at Calcilast-sama and the servants. Restlessly.

“The door broke, huh. Let’s use the repair spell. Just a moment please… Marikana, please also wait, okay?”

When he let go of my hand the joyous feeling vanished like it was a lie. It’s like a blackout curtain fell on a screen that made me feel delighted, obstructing it.

Calcilast-sama tampered with the door while muttering some kind of an incantation. I feel it should never be opened again. If it wasn’t, I could avoid the conviction event and stay at Calcilast-sama’s side for a long time…

I thought so, but Calcilast-sama’s magical hands of course easily repaired and opened the door.

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