The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 66

We’re still embracing each other. It would be a happy ending if we hugged like that forever, and yet…

I rubbed Calcilast-sama’s back. It’s surprisingly trained. Training is important.

I and Calcilast-sama might melt together, be cast into a mold and become one.

If that’s the case… Supposing that happens… The sun is smiling. It can be seen well on the side of Calcilast-sama’s head.

It’s as if it’s making fun of me. What an unpleasant hobby. I wonder if I’m thinking too much…

I’m curious how much time has passed. A minute? Or an hour?

A day couldn’t have possibly passed? It’s so wonderful being embraced by my beloved person…

Calcilast-sama muttered. While letting out a small sigh.

“How happy I am… this is… the best…”

The best… in what way? I want to know that. But, I’m afraid to ask. If it differs from my imagination… If there’s a difference…

I want to ask but I cannot ask… How vexing. Ah, vexing…

The number of sparrows decreased. Where have they flown away?

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