The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer – Chapter 07

Part 07 – Larousa Makes A Fresh Start

The situation developed rapidly.

I earnestly learned magic and martial arts so I would be able to protect my sister from anyone, but it still wasn’t enough. Finally, I created my own personal weapon.

On that snowy day, the weapon I had studied to make was a sharp knife that could be thrown with more precision. My sister later asked, “Isn’t this a shuriken…?” Coated with a paralyzing agent extracted from Shibiru grass*, I was testing it out by throwing it at the large tree.

And with my thoughtless behavior, I nearly injured my sister who I had aimed to protect and inflected a serious injury on the Holy Beast who protected my younger sister instead. After being silently warned by the Holy Beast, I apologized for every mistake I had made until now. My sister, Serafiona, forgave me… and told me she loves me.

Even so, Serafiona was discovered by the Holy Beast and created a contract with him at just the age of three. Serafiona instantly healed wounds that couldn’t be cured even by the Holy Beast’s self-purification. My sister was not only as adorable as a fairy but extremely talented as well. As expected of my dear sister!

And then Serafiona decided to become a knight for the well-being of the Granzeus family and to accompany the Holy Beast, Lu, on his journey.

Serafiona who entered the futon with all of us was already dreaming. Lu-sama had closed his eyes, but I couldn’t tell if he was actually sleeping.

“Father, why did Serafiona suddenly say that she wanted to be a knight. What did she mean by a journey?”

“… Maybe it’s a holy pilgrimage? I think she discussed something with Lu-sama, but still, Serafiona is only three years old. As I said earlier, the first priority is to improve her mind and body while also keeping Lu-sama’s presence a secret. This means we have to keep Serafiona’s status as a contractor a secret as well, and it will be difficult to a find a mentor who will protect this secrecy… Of course, this is the idea of the sacred Holy Beast. I will try to find someone, but until then, Larousa will be Serafiona’s teacher. I will be counting on you.”

Father smiled while stroking me and Serafiona in turn.


“Let’s raise our dear Serafiona together. Larousa, you did your best today. I love you.”

“Father… I love you. Goodnight.”


“Serafiona, it’s okay to do it slowly, so don’t stop your leg!”


As the snow melted and the weather was getting warmer, I imposed the basic training I had when I was little on Serafiona. It was harder than I thought to teach and guide someone, but it was a good experience as the successor to my family.

Plus, “Brother-! Waaittt!”

“I’m waiting! Do your best!”

The distance between my sister and I dramatically shrunk after spending more than two hours together every day. My sister wouldn’t be frightened anymore. I only had to spoil her. My sister had experienced suffering and was clever in the first place. The holy beast was also with her. There wouldn’t be any mess ups.

“Look, try to jump to the top of the tree* with Lu-sama one hundred times. Then, fling a short knife from the elbow and aim Shadow* at the carotid artery one hundred times left and right. After that, we’ll continue reading yesterday’s book.”

“Wow! Lu, let’s hurry, jump! One, twoo…!

I just had to return what Mother did to me to Serafiona.

A little sunburnt Serafiona, my treasure. I might not compare with the Holy Beast, but I will do my best with all my strength.

I swore to my late mother to be Serafiona’s ally for life.

*シビール草 (Shibīru Kusa), honestly I don’t know what is the exact translation, but since シビレ薬(Shibiregusuri) means anesthetic, maybe it’s a grass for anesthetic medicine/for paralyzing. 

* 欅 is a Japanese Zelkova tree. 

*it was written as シャドウ (Shadou, which may mean shadow), I think Larousa referred to his shuriken. Correct me if I’m wrong. 

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