Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 148

Ribek Palace.

There was a single magic circle on top of the office desk.

A magic circle from my DORECA that was awaiting completion.

「What’s wrong Onii-chan? You’re daydreaming desu.」
「Lilia huh? Well…this is…..」
「A magic circle desuno? Huh? This magic circle is weird desuno.」

Lilia tilted her head in confusion.

「So you realized?」
「Of course I would desuno. I’ve made so many things with Onii-chan after all. This is the first time I’ve seen a magic circle without a direction arrow desuno.」

It was exactly as Lilia had said.

This magic circle was different than any before it.

It was a simple magic circle…it didn’t send out any arrows of light to point out the materials needed to complete it. It just remained there.

「Does it not need materials desuno?」
「No, I already put them in. I put in all the necessary materials.」
「Then it should be finished right desuno?」
「That’s right.」

I stared at the magic circle.

「Onii-chan…….are you waiting for something desuno?」
「So you realized?」
「I’m Onii-chan’s slave after all. I’m always looking at Onii-chan desuno. Knowing this much is the bare minimum.」

I couldn’t say she was filled with confidence……in truth it seemed like she thought this was simply how it should be.

I could feel her way of life through those words.

She was that kind of slave.

「The one over here is finished, but I’m waiting for the one over there to be completed.」
「Over there?」
「The magic circle here and……the magic circle over there both need to be finished to complete this.」
「There was a thing like that desuno?」
「It appeared yesterday.」
「Is that so desu……..」

Lilia scrutinized the magic circle with interest.

It was no wonder. Up until now the magic circles were completed without incident and they simply completed themselves. Even if there were multiple things—like the battleship—they were created by many simple things put together.

Linking two magic circles together was brand new. It was no wonder she was interested.

「Is this hard to make desuno?」
「Umm? It costs 1,000 magic. It takes a few materials to create.」
「Is it easier than a wooden house desuno?」
「It’s about the same I think.」

Lilia started watching the magic circle again.

「Onii-chan, the magic circle is shining desuno.」
「So it came?」

The magic circle was shining and quickly finished.

「It’s done desuno…..what is thi——Hyaa!」

Lilia was shocked as she cried out with her pointing finger still outstretched.

*Ring ring ring ring* A bell ringing sound echoed through the office.

I picked up the receiver…….and put it up to my ear.


I heard Risha speak timidly through it.

「Hello~ Risha?」 (TN: He says Moshimoshi~)
『Yes! It’s Risha. Umm what was the Helo thing?』
「When you use the phone…..that’s what you say as a greeting.」

Yes, what we had created was a telephone.

Now we could talk across long distances.

「That aside…Risha your voice sounds strangely distant. Do you see those two lines like a stitches on there? Put your mouth to one and ear to the other.」
「It got further…’ve probably got the mouth and ear part backwards.」
『Is this alright?』
「Yeah, I can hear you well.」
『Thank goodness.』

Risha let out a relieved sigh.

「Good work. You can come……place the receiver back where it came from and I’ll try to call you.」

There was the sound of a phone hanging up and I placed my receiver down as well.

「Onii-chan that was…….?」
「That was Risha, she’s in the town of Akito. The magic circle here and there created a phone. This is the thing that appeared when Risha’s card evolved. By the way my card and Risha’s have specific things attached to it. My card says Ribek telephone and her card says Akito telephone. I can’t make the phone in Akito and she can’t make the phone here.」
「It evolved without me realizing desuno.」
「I’m jealous desuno.」
「Hm? About what?」
「She got to do the first cooperative project with Onii-chan…..I’m jealous desuno.」

……so it was like that.

She had her own child, but her personality didn’t change. It was cute and funny.
Evening, Town of Akito.

After the completion of the phone I was worried about any changes that might have occurred in the town so I transformed with magic and infiltrated.

For now I decided to go to where the phone was set up. It was at Madway’s place (because he’s the mayor). Along the way I saw the town was fired up.

「Welcome welcome! Today there’s a 50% off sale!」
「Side of snacks free! It’s a Special Happy Hour for Alcohol! Everything 50% off!」
「Those with the same characters as Risha-sama’s name can eat and drink for free! Those with a single character from her name can eat for 90% off!」

The town felt like it was going through a huge festival. It felt like the hometown baseball league had won big and everyone was celebrating.

And what have I been hearing about Risha?

I approached some people who were talking about her and called out.

「Oh Welcome!」
「You talked about Risha right then…what’s going on?」
「Call her with -sama customer bastard!」
「O-ok. What about Risha…..sama?」

Calling my own slave with -sama was a fresh feeling.

「What? You don’t know? Risha-sama’s card color has changed.」
「Dummy~ that’s not all.」

A different person nearby jumped right in.

「Along with the card Risha-sama can make new things. It’s a super item called a ‘phone’」
「What’s important is…」

The auntie nearby holding a half-off sale jumped in as well.

「Risha-sama’s card. What’s important is that Risha-sama has the only card of that color amongst the slave-samas.」
「That’s right!」
「No doubt about it!」

All of them agreed with the auntie.

Then they all returned to calling out to customers.

But still….this was amazing.

Risha and all the other slave-samas were adored by the people…but I never expected it would be to such an extent.

They were so loved… made me very happy.

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