Charging Magic with a Smile – Volume 03 – Chapter 154

I brought Goddess (Temporary) back to where Lilia was.

After entering the house both mother and daughter came to meet me.

「Welcome back Onii-chan. Where did you go?」
「Just a morning walk. Oh? You cleaned the house?」
「Yes desuno. Staying in a clean house is best desuno.」
「I see. Good job.」

I patted Lilia’s head. I ran my fingers through her silky golden hair and touched her pointed ears.


—Magic has been charged by 3,000—

「Papa-sama who is that person dano?」
「Ah, there was a monkey out there so I defeated it and turned it back into a person.」

I lightly glossed over the question.

I was fairly convinced that this was the Goddess due to the circumstantial evidence, but until it was certain I’d avoid bringing it up.

「Is that so dano?」
「Should we send her to Ribek desuno?」
「Later. Once we finish what we’re doing on the island we can bring her back.」
「Understood desuno.」
「Arisa will protect Papa-sama’s precious citizen dano.」
「Yes desuno, the citizens are the cornerstone of the country desuno.」

The Goddess (temporary) just stared blankly at the enthusiastic mother and daughter slaves.
We took down the house we had used for the night and headed for the center of the island.

I was in front, Goddess (temp) was behind me, and Lilia and Arisa were to the rear holding their Gradiks.

We continued forward and, unlike yesterday, they were fairly used to the zombies. I let my slaves take care of them.


Goddess (temp) hesitantly called out.

「What’s wrong?」
「Umm those two…..are they your wife and child?」
「Not my wife, but she is my (a) daughter.」
「The two of them are my slaves. Both mother and daughter are my slaves.」
「… Ah, I see. By daughter you meant that she is her daughter.」
「No she is also my daughter as well.」

As far as that’s concerned.


She was terribly surprised and cried out. That drew the attention of several zombies who leapt over at her. Lilia shot them down.

「Uh, umm…..then in summary……huh????」

Goddess (temp) was completely perplexed.

That’s right, taking out my own subjective point of view it would surely be strange.

「First is Lilia. She’s an adult. She is my slave. You understand that right?」
「Ah, yes.」

She nodded, it seems like she was able to accept that.

「She is of the Eternal Slave race as you can see. A race who seeks out a Master with a will to serve.」
「And if they find a good Master they want to have a daughter with their Master and have both of them serve together.」
「Is that so?」
「That’s where I come in. I cooperated and had a child with her and had her work for me. That is the child over there Arisa.」
「Oh, that’s what you’re having trouble with.」
「Th-that mean you made your own daughter a slave?」
「Well…I guess it does.」

Though it’s true it didn’t really feel like she was 「my own daughter」.

No, she was…I clearly knew that and had never forgotten it. However, their identities as slaves were much stronger than their identities as daughters.

It’s like how you know that 「amazake is sake but it doesn’t feel like it」.

I knew she was my daughter, but more than that she was and Eternal Slave and my slave.

「Papa-sama? Did you call Arisa dano?」
「Ah, it’s true. She’s been calling you Papa-sama all this time.」

Goddess (temp) seemed to come to her own understanding.

I ignored that and spoke to Arisa.

「We were talking about how Arisa is my slave.」
「Is that so dano? Un, Arisa is Papa-sama’s slave dano.」
「Do you want to be daughter or slave?」
「Arisa’s mama-sama is a slave dano.」

She said tilting her head in confusion.

「That’s not it. Would you rather be my daughter or slave?」
「Arisa is a slave dano. Since birth Arisa has been Papa-sama’s slave.」
「I see」

I patted Arisa’s head and tickled her ears.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

Arisa closed her eyes with a bashful look on her face.

How adorable, as I thought showing my love for my slaves was best.

「Ah, a zombie showed up dano.」

A zombie appeared from the side and Arisa shot it down with her gradik.

「——so that’s how it is.」

I turned and spoke to the Goddess (temp) in response to her earlier questions.

「I treat them properly as my slave.」
「Somehow…..this is an amazing world.」
「To have your daughter live as your slave and for her to say she prefers to be a slave…」
「The mother as well….in fact she was the one who said 「make my daughter your slave as well」」
「This world is getting more incredible by the moment. Plus……….」
「? Ok.」

She waved her hand in panicked denial.

I don’t really get it, but let’s leave it alone for now.

「I don’t understand but maybe he’s a special kind of person?」

Goddess (temp) whispered quietly as my slaves took care of the zombies so I was unable to hear it.
「This should be near the center I think.」
「I think so too desuno.」
「We’ll put up the castle here dano?」

The two said as they walked next to me. By the way the Goddess (temp) was slightly further away.

「Yeah, I thought it’d be best to put it in the center.」
「Ok then let’s put it up quick desuno. What should Lilia do desuno?」
「Arisa wants to do some work too dano.」
「Just wait. We have some things to do beforehand.」
「What desuno?」

I took out my DORECA.

「Just like some of the things we did when making the forest…..just on a bigger scale.」
「It doesn’t have a name but….I guess I’ll call it Land Reclamation.」
「Land Recamayshon?」

Arisa tilted her head in confusion. It was cute so I patted her head as I opened my Menu.

I had enough magic. Before I had used it up to the point of exhaustion, but with 12 slaves it was recovered quickly.

It had recovered to the point where I could do what was needed.

So I started.

「Let’s go!」

The DORECA lit up and a magic circle appeared as several arrows appeared.

「It needs this many materials desuno?」
「It looks incredible dano.」

They were surprised but ignoring the excitement I opted to create it using emergency magic creation.

The magic circle changed.

The ground shook and rose.

In a few moments the flat ground had turned into a hill.

It was around 50 meters tall.

Placing the castle on this hill would allow an unobstructed view of the island.

Un, as expected this was the center.

「As expected of Onii-chan desuno.」
「to make a mountain, Papa-sama is the greatest Master in the world!」

My slaves praised me to high heaven.

This wasn’t the first timed I’d terraformed, I had done so with Risha in the forest.

I didn’t really feel much from this particular praise due to that.

「A-amazing…..almost like God’s power of creation……..」

Hearing the words of the Goddess (temp) filled me with a strange sense of accomplishment.

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