Cheat Magician Life That Started From Being Judged Useless – Chapter 01

「Don’t screw with us! What’s happening!?」

It’s a common occurrence for the problem child of our class, Funayama, to make a loud ruckus. Normally no one would care, only thinking, “Ah. He is doing it again…”

That is if the opponent was a teacher, but the story is different when the other side is soldiers wearing full-plate metal armour…

My name is Kento Kokubu, an eighth grader.

And here I don’t mean as in a eighth-grade syndrome (chuunibyou) patient, it means an actual eighth-grade student of junior high school. Currently, it seems that we have been summoned to a different world. Again, no, it’s not eighth-grade syndrome, it’s the real thing.

It seems that a moment ago, we were at the school in Tokyo taking our third lesson when we were wrapped in light, and suddenly a magic circle appeared in the air then the whole third floor of the school was brought here.

I said it seems because I was asleep at the time so I didn’t see the light or the magic circle.

Transporting from the daylight of Tokyo to the night of another world in a blink of an eye, of course, the girls of our class started to scream. So I woke up, still to miss the moment that we got summoned to a different world. Sometimes
I question if I am actually an idiot or not.

Adding to that the floor and the ceiling of the third floor all had been summoned along with us, the situation looks bad.

That means the remaining school building in Tokyo, the 4th floor will fall on the 2nd floor because the 3rd floor suddenly disappeared… It will be catastrophic.

Just having the eighth year students disappearing is already a huge accident, adding the 3rd floor disappearing, it will become international news.

I wonder if the FBI or Interpol will participate in the investigation.

I should check all the newspaper if I go back.

Or maybe I will get interviewed by the news media.

While I kept thinking about things like this, someone appeared from the opposite side, a beautiful blond haired woman with rolled hair. She looks different from the other soldiers, wearing a golden shining armour.

「You all! Quiet down! I’m the one who summoned you all here, the third princess of the Kingdom of Raisenburg, Camila Riesenburg.」

Oh, a princess, and a princess with armour at that, it really feels like a different world. Everyone took out their mobile phones and started taking photos.

And the soldiers that were surrounding us, even though, they are trying to act professionals, it’s obvious that they are attracted, watching with lewd eyes.

(TL: He’s talking about her breasts.)

Ah, Funayama, the idiot, now is trying to hit on the princess.

「Yo yo, princess, we have been summoned as heroes. Shouldn’t we have more luxurious hospitality? If you want, I don’t mind if you accompany us on the night.」

Funayama is 180cm tall and weighs 100kg. I heard that in the past, he got scouted by a sumo wrestler.

He has a wastefully powerful presence compared to that the princess who is a head shorter than him, but still, she doesn’t seem the least bit afraid. As expected from a princess, she maintained her dignified aura.

「It seems that you bastards are misunderstanding something. You all are not heroes, you are just soldiers to compensate for the missing forces.」

Ara? I thought for sure it was a hero summoning…but what does she mean just soldiers? All the students were also feeling confused at her words.

「Quiet! You bastards have only two choices, either you work for us and make achievements to receive rewards and get to go home, or you oppose us. And die.」

Ehhhhhh!?! Suddenly, the ultimate choice came!

「Don’t screw with us! Why do we have to work as a soldier for you?!」

Ah, Funayama, the idiot, tried to grab the princess, however, he got caught instead.

「Let go of me you!」

You gotta be kidding me! The princess held Funayama with only one hand and raised him high off the ground.

「Don’t make me repeat myself you bastards. I’m not a very long-tempered person. Like I said, obey us? or die? Choose whichever you want.」

Ah, Funayama got thrown like garbage. I will obey of course. Then, the class representative raised her hand.

「Is it okay to ask a question?」

Our class representative, Asakawa Yuika-san, is a part of the endangered species of Yamato Nadeshiko that have black straight hair that matches her perfectly.

In addition, her bust is estimated to be 80cm. Surely in the future, she will have a body that every male student will lust after.

「It’s fine. I permit it.」

Looking at the figure of the princess’ armour, she is might be an owner of an exquisite body, but there is also the possibility that it’s just the shape of the armour, so let’s put the judgment on hold.

「Thank you, just before, you said if we make enough achievement we can get rewarded and send back home. Does that mean there is a way, for us to go back?」

「Of course, if a monster that we can’t control appeared, what should we do if we can’t send it back? The summoning ceremony cannot be done without the repatriation ceremony, this is a basic of basics of summoning magic.」

I see. Looking at the confidence answer of the blond haired princess, it seems that there is no problem. The student around also showed signs of relief.

「Now if you don’t have any more questions, we proceed the judgment of your magical power.」

Ehhh?! Judgment of magical power? Does that mean we can also use magic? Does that mean we may have a cheat ability?

「Judgement will be done by using the ‘Evil Eye Crystal.’ Everyone touch it with your hand, with that we can know your ability. After you finish, you get a bracelet to prevent magical power from rampaging. Then, you will ride into the carriage according to your attribute. Now hurry, there is no time to waste.」

3 crystals about 30 cm length were prepared. First, the teachers had been judged then the students according to their attendance number.

「Green..wind attribute…medium, next, blue..water attribute…strong. Next.」

Apparently, touching the crystal bulb seems to emit a colour according to the attribute of the person. The light intensity seems to indicate the amount of magical power.

When observing, it seems that the earth attribute is amber light, the wind attribute of green light seems to more common. After it is the water attribute, it seems that fire attribute is a minority.

When the judgment is over, we get a bracelet fitted to the left arm.

Still, the older sister who was judging, she looks like a businesswoman. She is quite beautiful but has a cold attitude.

Well, I guess that to be expected since she has to judge all of us.

Oh, next is the class representative. Somehow I feel that the class representative will have a healing water attribute.

「Next! Wah, my eyes!」

As soon as the class representative touched the crystal ball, a very bright white light shined.

「Hou, this amount of magical power and it’s the light attribute, unlike the normal summoning for heroes, I wasn’t hoping for anything, but it seems I was mistaken. This was quite the surprise. Let see, yeah, you’ll ride in my carriage.」

Ohhh! Light attribute, unlike my expectation, the class representative may have ranked up to a real angel?

Somehow the soldiers around are whispering things like “Saintess-sama…” I can hear you, but you can’t have her, the class representative is ours.

After that, the handsome bastard from the basketball club drew a rare fire attribute. Seriously, handsome people should just explode. Oh, it seems that it’s my turn. Hmm… it seems that there is no choice. Now everyone, watch my cheat ability!

「Don’t screw with me! Why don’t you listen to me?!」

I shouted loudly at the crystal because it doesn’t shine.

I just put my hand on the crystal while saying something like ‘Now, Evil Eye Crystal, show the true darkness colour of my magical power!’, but it doesn’t shine even a bit. Why is that?! This is useless!

「Ah…this…..what you said, it looks like this is useless.」

The older sister who was so cold until a while ago, is looking at me with eyes full of pity, can this mean that the one who is useless is me and not the crystal?

「What is useless….」

「Ok, ok. Now try to touch this one.」

She took out crystal ball about 10 cm in diameter.

Oh, I understand it somehow, this is the type that will turn into pieces if the class representative touches it.

I’m getting a lot of attention from the surroundings, and I do not want to touch it because I have a bad feeling about this, but since everyone is watching and the princess is telling me to hurry up, I quickly touched the ball.

「This time for sure….eh?」

「Ah, this is completely useless. There are some people who are like this, really few, but I didn’t expect to have one among the people we’ve summoned.」

According to the elder sister, the people who were summoned this time, are not as strong as heroes but were supposed to have a slightly better magical power than the normal person…..’were supposed to’ I also didn’t think that I would be summoned to different world and end up unable to use magic at all. This is so cruel.

「Camila-same, what should we do with this?」

「Hm, put him in some place that doesn’t get in the way.」

Wow, it’s completely different from the sparkling eyes she showed to the class representative. She is looking at me with eyes like she was looking at maggots. I feel that I might awake to something. Ah, I didn’t even get a bracelet, well, since I don’t even have magical power that could go out of control in the first place.

「Gyahaha, Babu the idiot is useless!」

Funyama, the bastard, is laughing, I hope you get a useless too. By the way Babu is my nickname. It’s the abbreviation of ‘Bakana Kokubu’, still putting me in the bath won’t cause any bubbles you know.

(TL: Bakana=Idiot)

「Next, do it quickly.」

「Ok, I will show you my burning magical power!」

Next is Funayama’s turn. Get useless. Get useless.

「 attribute…weak, a letdown, Next!」

Haha! Got what you deserve! I know about this. I read it in H-books. It’s like when you are in bed and the girl tells you, “it’s small” or “you’re a fast one.” Yeah, that’s quite painful. I said my thanks to the judgement older sister in my heart. While I was thinking about that, it seems that everyone finished. It looks like I’m the only one who is useless.

Without paying attention to me, who is depressed, all the soldiers began to depart. The only ones who remained were me, the princess, class representative and the older sister who was making the judgment.

「So, Camila-sama, what to do with this?」

Please don’t look me with eyes like you were looking at a dirty thing…it makes me excited.

「You can go wherever you want.」

Wow, she just cut me off like nothing.

「Just wait for a second, Kokubu-kun is our friend. We can’t do something like leaving him behind!」

Ah! Class representative you really look like an angel! I will always follow you! Even better you can just call me a dog!

「I don’t need a useless man among my soldier. They will only increase the taxes that my people pay.」

「We were summoned in spite of our will. To just cut him off because he has no magical power is horrible!」

「Hmm, well okay, then I will give him a chance.」

The princess is looking at me with an evil smile on her face. I have a bad feeling about this.

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