I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 05

My mother’s labor pain began in the middle of the night. Although I knew that he will be born healthy, I was worried and I could not sleep at all even as I laid on the bed.”Mother … … I wonder if you are ok…”A small voice reverberated in a silent room. 
It was at that time.A loud voice called out ‘Ogyaa’ inside my head.”Huh!?”It felt as if the earth shook when actually it did not. The ill-boding cry sounded close to my ears. My room was quite far from Mother, it was impossible to heard the sound from the baby.
I immediately went out of the room. I heard the maids shouting “Milady !!?”, but ignored it. Then I jumped off the stairs. I heard a scream from behind, but decided to ignore it. 
“Thank God! What an energetic boy!”I heard the voice of the Grandma midwife. The mansion was full of joyous atmosphere.
I ran to the front of the anteroom door leading towards my mother’s room and prepared my breathing. And opened the door to see my father and grandfather were lying flat on the ground as if after fighting for some reason. Their face was blue too.
“Father, Grandfather … … are you OK?””I am fine””Yeah, I am okay..”But Father’s eyes are looking far away.
Then Mother’s door opened.”Both mothers and children are healthy! Oh, did Rouche woke up?””Yes, I heard a voice””Really. Then why are these two adults acting shamefully? Is Rouche even more an adult than both of you?Grandma hugged a round cloth and watching the old men exasperatedly.
‘Show me my brother, Grandma’I approached her.
“Ah, from now on you are an older sister!”Grandma bent over and show off the tiny thing in the bundle.”Wow … cute”It leaked out unintentionally. My younger brother was growing a soft curl of golden hair giving him such a cute look.I poked the soft cheek.Then the eyes opened showing bright green eyes. I withdrew my hand reflexively. Then, I suddenly saw four colors. At the same time I realized that my dream will come true.
Ah, I should not stay here any longer. The mansion will burn, the kingdom is going to collapse, the beginning of the end.
“Rouche! What happen?!””Huh?”My father wiped my cheeks. Apparently I was crying.”Nothing. I’m just glad my little brother is born safely!”My father wanted to say something, but I look at my brother.
“Glenn · ·”Indeed he was called as such in the dream.”Huh, is the name of this baby Glenn?”Grandma ask.”Eh? No?””Huh, did Rouche name her little brother Glenn. Yeah, it sounds good”Huh, is it okay father? Eh, think more about it, grandfather!”This child’s name is Glenn Leo Litzsel”The child’s names were decided just like that. Is that okay?!

“He is born …”The child of destiny. The man’s voice reverberate through the land.The man was in the royal palace, but the wind brought the news without regard to his wish. For him this country was like his back garden..”Father?”
I heard a voice of the boy called Rashmere. I turned around to see a child that look similar to me standing behind.
“Apparently, Lady Rouche have become a big sister.”Rashmere said delightfully. Well, I’m glad that the reconciliation is going well. I gave the advice, but I was worried it will not go well.
“Is that so? We should congratulate them.”Rashmere was a little excited.”It seems like you really like Lady Rouche.”
Then he understood the meaning and his face turn red. Because we are the Royal Family and they are the Litzsel, there is no reason not to come over. I am also friends with Adolf from the first time we met, and as a sworn brother, a congratulation is expected.
But to be so eager in going and showing such an excited expression? The sly nobles in the court will immediately take notes.
“Oh dear····”
I looked up at the sky, before staring back at Rashmere that had turned around. So pitiful, I thought, to the Rashmere that had lost his destiny. Ever since the baby was born.
When I met the little Lady, I thought she will not form a connection with Rashmere. Because she herself will also have misfortune befalling her.
I bet she will fade away in no time. Even if you know how loved you are, it will all disappear like the wind. Even with the connection since ancient time between The Royal Family and The Litzsel, I do not know if I can keep her to stay.
“Do not bother the Lady much””I understand.”Still there may be another path for Rashmere. A path that might change destiny.
“Well, how will we congratulate them?”“Would it be ok to consult with my mother?” So I said yes, and we went into the Queen’s room.

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