Reader – Chapter 49

“The Arrow of Death.”

Doran chanted, shot the arrow at the ogre in front of him.

‘How is he so strong at this level?’

Doran didn’t understand at all.

‘His damage doesn’t make sense. Is he using ‘God’ grade equipments?’

‘God’ was currently the highest grade. Doran thought that Soo Hyuk was wearing a lot of ‘God’ grade items.

‘This is absolutely not the damage of a level 90 user… more like level 300,’ Doran estimated Soo Hyuk’s level to be about 300. In reality, Soo Hyuk was only level 90. Doran once again opened his friend’s window to check Soo Hyuk’s level. As he did so, Soo Hyuk’s level increased from  90 to 92.

‘Hunting like that with that attack…’

Based on Soo Hyuk’s ridiculous damaging magic attack, it was really fast to hunt and level up.

‘Are wizards normally this strong?’

Wizards, in general, were not this strong of a job. 

‘No, there’s something about Soo Hyuk. I am not a wizard but I’ve met many wizard users, and they were never as strong as a Soo Hyuk.’

-Oh my!

Doran threw an arrow at the ogre in front of him.

It was then.

-Yeon Jung: Doran!

-Doran: Ah, it’s Yeon Jung!

Doran and Yeon Jung was talking via whispers.

‘Is it true?’

The conversation ended up being about Soo Hyuk. Yeon Jung was surprised that Soo Hyuk managed to become friends with a high level user, and with Doran as well.

At first, Yeon Jung thought that it was just someone with the same name, but soon realised in his conversation that it was the Doran that he knew.

-Doran: So the guild he’s joining was Reader!

-Yeon Jung: Yes, I’m planning to invite him into the guild after the Desolate incident blows over.

Doran: Those bastards still haven’t answered?

-Yeon Jung: I was told that I’d have news in five days, so I have to wait until then.

-Doran: Those poor bastards have to be taught a lesson one day. If things get out of control, please contact me. Pavi is also waiting.

-Yeon Jung: Okay! 

Yeon Jung ended his whisper with Doran. 

-Lilith: Yeon Jung, where are you? 

As soon as Yeon Jung finished whispering with Doran, a new whisper conversation began. The whisperer was the assistant guild leader and magician Lilith. Lilith and Yeon Jung often hunted together. 

-Yeon Jung: I’m in the fire lizard area right now. Where are you?

-Lilith: I’m already here! Should we meet at the entrance?

-Yeon Jung: Alright! I’m heading over.

The Yeon Jung ended his whisper with Lilith and started a whisper with someone else as he headed to the hunting ground. That someone was Soo Hyuk.

Yeon Jung: Is it really true?

Soo Hyuk cast a Fireball and replied to Yeon Jung.

-Soo Hyuk: Of course.

-Yeon Jung: But how did you become friends?

Soo Hyuk could not respond immediately, as an orc was charging at him. 

“Flame Dance.”

Soo Hyuk whispered to Yeon Jung after seeing a small fireball hit the orcs.

-Soo Hyuk: He just requested to be friends

-Yeon Jung: Who, Doran?

-Soo Hyuk: Yep. I declined his guild invite so he wanted to be friends.

-Yeon Jung: Huh, really?


Soo Hyuk felt something strange in Yeon Jung’s response and asked why. 

-Soo Hyuk: Why?

-Yeon Jung: Doran doesn’t easily make friends.

“Ah, so it’s because of that.”

Suh Hyuk understood why Yeon Jung gave a strange reaction.

-Yeon Jung: Anyway, you made a good friend. Once your his friend, he treats you really well. He’s awesome

-Soo Hyuk: And you?

-Yeon Jung: Hey, don’t compare him with me.

Soo Hyuk laughed at Yeon Jung.

-Yeon Jung: Bye, I’m going hunting now!

Following Yeon Jung’s whisper, Soo Hyuk did not answer and closed the whisper and opened his character window.

Occupation: Archmage

Level: 92 Experience: 25%

Health: 22000 Mana: 39400 Satiation: 51%

Strength: 40 (+10)

Agility : 35 (+16)

Stamina: 424 (+10)

Wisdom: 1970 (+10)


Soo Hyuk’s level was now 92. Soo Hyuk fully felt his levelling slowing. 1 level worth of orcs now only gave him 25% experience.

‘Should just go over to trolls?’

Soo Hyuk thought as he closed his character window.

‘The titles only give strength anyway.’

Soo Hyuk had killed an orc and gotten a title. It was called “Orc Slayer.”

Orc Slayer (+10 Strength)

The title boosted strength by 10. Strength increases physical attack power and some health. It wasn’t a useless stat, but a stat that wasn’t needed as much as agility or stamina.

‘Yes, let’s move on to the trolls.’

He decided to stop hunting orcs. Soo Hyul opened a friend’s window and checked Doran’s status and sent a message.

‘He asked me to talk to him.’

Doran had told Soo Hyuk to tell him when he was done hunting for orcs when they parted after adding each other as friends.

-Soo Hyuk: Doran-nim.

He sent him a message as he headed towards to troll area.

-Doran: Yes!

-Soo Hyuk: I’m done hunting orcs now. 

-Doran: Ah! Yes, thanks for letting me know!

-Soo Hyuk: No problem. Have fun!

-Doran: Soo hyuk! Later, let’s run a dungeon together!

-Soo Hyuk: Sure!

Soo Hyuk finished his whisper and closed the window. Soon after, he was able to leave the orc zone and reached the troll area.

Looking around for trolls, Soo Hyuk thought that it’d be nice if the trolls also had villages.

Unlike orcs, trolls did not live in villages, at least in the Bulam Mountains.

‘Using Firestorm against trolls is so satisfying. ‘

At least one and at most four at a time. In other words, using a Fire Storm to kill a troll was inefficient. For the time being, Fire Storm would not be used for hunting. Of course, Just because it was inefficient didn’t mean he wouldn’t use it at all. He could use it to raise his proficiency.

“Fire Storm.”

Soo-hyuk, who decided to raise his proficiency at this time, cast Fire Storm. Five seconds passed, the casting bar disappeared, and a massive tornado appeared in front of it.

It was then.

-2 Troll Tendons

-Troll leather

A drop window appeared. Looking at the drop window, Soo Hyuk turned his head towards the firestorm. Trolls hidden in the trees were caught in the Fire Storm. Soo Hyuk checked the drop items . And began to search for trolls in earnest. 

* * *

“Thank you so much! Please come again!”

Carl enthusiastically said goodbye to Soo Hyuk as he left the Tower of Earth. He then started walking to the Tower of Earth and opened his inventory.


Soo Hyuk opened his inventory and admired its contents. 

‘9 thousand gold.’

At present, he possessed more than 9,000 gold. Considering that Soo Hyuk wasn’t even level 100 yet, it was a huge amount of money.

The current exchange price for gold was 10,000 won for 100 gold.

‘It can be exchanged for 810,000 won.’

A total of 10% of all sales fees, including taxes, would be lost.

‘There are a lot of dark gamers.’

Those who sell game money or items or information. Pangea had a large amount of dark gamers compared to other games. Now he knew the reason why.

‘Should I buy some books with it?’

Soo Hyuk suddenly thought seriously. He had already gained all the skill quests that could be obtained in Matab. There wasn’t anywhere that he had to spend gold on.

‘Yes, let’s spend a little bit.’

After thinking, Soo hyuk made a decision.

‘I’ll transfer the gold and buy the books.’

Books that Soo Hyuk had wanted to buy but could not because he had run out of pocket money.

‘I should transfer them when I go to the Tower of Poison tomorrow.’

There was no need to cash out urgently. When he went to Tower of Poison, he would stop by the bank to exchange gold for won and closed his inventory.


Soon when Soo Hyuk arrived at the library, he greeted the NPC while handing him his token and went into the library.

‘Doran said trolls gave titles after huntin 1000 and 5000.’

Doran hunted the trolls and gave him information about the titles. Advanced information about titles earned from hunting trolls. 

If you get the two titles, stamina increases by 30. Stamina, unlike strength and agility, was very important for Soo Hyuk. They were titles that he must obtain.

Hunting 5000 trolls to catch to get 2 titles. It would never be a small number, but Soo Hyuk did not worry about the titles. Rather, he was worried when hunted got 5,000 trolls, would it be enough experience to level up to level 100?

‘It should be possible.’

No matter how much experience the Archmage job required to level up, Soo Hyuk didn’t need to share experience with parties.

Soo Hyuk, who reach level 100, arrived at the bookshelf and looked at it. Even though he had already conquered the bookcase, Soo Hyuk stared at it.

The reason for this was the Wolf Hunter Karu, which had recently turned blue. Soo Hyuk, who thought that the book that would change colour again, also checked the bookcases that he conquered afterwards.


Soo Hyuk stopped. 

‘It really appeared?’

He saw a book that changed color. 


It wasn’t the blue, red, or purple that he’d seen before. It was yellow. Soo Hyuk went to the bookshelf and checked the title of the yellow book.

‘About the blood of trolls.’

The title of the book was ‘About the blood of trolls’.

Perhaps certain conditions were achieved regarding the trolls. Soo Hyuk took out the book about troll’s blood and took another step.

Soo Hyul then took out five white books. With six books in total, Suh returned to his desk and started reading. Naturally, the first thing he read was the book about troll’s blood.




What if human’s gained the power of trolls?

If they could, humans could become ridiculously strong. No, they would certainly become strong.




After reading the end of the book, Soo Hyuk closed it.

The yellow light disappeared and a message appeared.

[Special quest “Troll’s Regeneration” was created.]

‘Yellow quest’

Yellow was different, but not that different. Soo Hyuk opened the quest window and confirmed the details of the quest “Troll’s Regeneration”

“… Uh?”

Soo Hyuk was surprised by the quest’s contents.

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