What Should a Villainess Noble Girl do Again? – Chapter 37


Yard and El-san seemed to have become close friends.

Whenever my brother and I returned home, we would find them sitting, back to back, on the long sofa, each reading a book.

“Welcome home, Ane-sama!”

Yard, as usual, only greeted me when we came back from school.
Whenever El-san saw my older brother, she will also greet him with a bright smile as he confirmed her daily activities through writing.
It seemed that today, my brother was melting hard when he received the smile from El-san.
I decided to pretend that I did not hear Yard who muttering [I am getting a heartburn from this.] next to me

It was that day.

“Yard! Let’s play~……..!!”
“Ah, Kokoru.”

Princess Kokoru who saw Yard, sitting back to back with El-san, started to freeze.
Yard, in other hand, didn’t seem to care about the situation that was currently unfolding in the room.

“………E? Who is that?”
“…..A~ this is my new….”
“No! Don’t say that!!”

Princess Kokoru seemed to misunderstand something as she ran away from the room.
El-san looked flustered while Yard was tilting his head.
I sighed as I said.

“Yard, it seems that Kokoru Hime-sama thought that El-san is Yard’s new girlfriend. Don’t you think that it is better for you to chase after her now?”
“Ha~a? That girl……”

Yard was sighing deeply.
The flustered El-san looked so cute.

“Ane-sama, I will go out a bit.”
“Please give her a proper explanation, okay.”
“That girl is so simple and positive, so it will be okay.”

Yard was grinning as he started to run after her.
El-san came to me in a panic as she wrote something on the paper.

[That person is the person that Yard-sama like?]
[It is because of me that Yard is being misunderstood by her, right?]
“It will be alright.”

I pulled El-san’s hand as I ushered her to the window.
From outside the window, we could see Yard grabbing Princess Kokuro’s hand.
“Kokoru. Please wait.”
“Yard is…..Yard is…..”
“El Ane-sama is my new sister, you know. Don’t misunderstand me.”
“El Ane-sama is my brother’s girlfriend.”

Next to me, El-san seemed to be shaking her head as her face turned bright red.
So cute~ 

“She is not your girlfriend?”
“The person that I like…..”

Princess Kokoru started to look at Yard with an expectant face.

“Didn’t you already know that the ones I love are my Ane-sama as well as frogs?”

El-san had been pulling on my sleeves when she looked that Princess Kokoru who was pouting when Yard did not even mention her name.

“Look, I will make a delicious tea for you, so let’s go. I will also introduce you to El Ane-sama……. Are you still going to pout? You are going to become ugly, you know””
“Yard, do you really like me?”
“………….Hmm, I guess.”
“How much?”
“Are you going to stop pouting once I told you that?”
“……….Then, that’s enough for me.”

Yard looked satisfied as he connected his hand with Princess Kokoru’s like a pair of sweetheart as they made their way towards the mansion. I laughed slowly as I looked at El-san who watched the scene with a disbelieving expression.

“That is how the two of them expressing their love for one another. Even if they did not declare it verbally, those two are actually extremely lovey-dovey, so you did not have to be anxious about them.”

El-san appeared to be hesitant as she nodded her head upon my word.
A while later, Yard finally appeared with Princess Kokoru in tow.

“I am this country’s First Princess, Kokoru. Please make your acquaintance.”

Princess Kokoru quickly changed her demeanor to one which was more ladylike style as she introduced herself, that El-san also gave her salutation with the same mannerism as her.

“As of now, El Ane-sama could not use her voice.”
“Is that so?…Yard could not have possibly said something awful to you, right? Although his mouth is bad, however, he is actually someone gentle, so you must never fall in love with him, okay!!”
“El Ane-sama like Ni-sama, so you should stop with your weird suspicions.”

El-san ears turned red when she heard that.
Ahh, how cute was that.

“…Then, how should I address her from now on?”
“It should be El Ane-sama, right?”
“I understand! Best regards, El Onee-sama!”

I understand what Yard meant to say, however, was it really okay for us to have Princess Kokoru addressing El as [Ane-sama]?
Anyways, it is better to stop worrying about that stuff now.
If Princess Kokoru okay with it, then all is good!
El-san wrote something on the paper before passing it to Princess Kokoru.

[My status is too humble for me to be called [Nee-sama] by Princess. We should avoid that.]
“E? But you are Vert Ni-sama’s beloved, right? It’s alright for me to do so, since El Onee-sama is my sister, so I should address you as my Onee-sama! I also do not mind that!”

Princess Kokoru who was grinning also looked so cute.
I could not help but think that this was a heartwarming scene as I watched over the flustered El-san and Princess Kokoru who was grinning at her.

Since then, Princess Kokoru and Yard had spent much of their time accompanying El-san.
Apart from Yard, it seemed that El-san also thought that it was fun to catch frogs.
Even though she was smiling when I wrote [Are you a backwoods aristocrat?], I knew that even those nobles from the rural place will never try to catch the frogs barehanded.
Yard was trying hard to help Princess Kokoru, who was crying, to grasp on one of the frogs.
Even so, I guess that I will never be able to grasp one no matter how hard I tried to.
Ah, sorry. I am able to catch one.

El-san also made a set of frog plush toy as a present for both Yard and Princess Kokoru.

“El Ane-sama! Thank you very much!! I will treasure this!!”
“Cute!! I am happy to have a matching set with Yard!!”
“What is this, are you really happy to have it or not? If you did not want it, I am okay to receive both of them.”
“I am happy!! This is mine, okay!”

Yard then took the plush toy from Princess Kokoru as he hugged and kissed on it lightly before he passed it back to her.
Princess Kokoru collapsed to her feet as her face turned bright red.

Yard, what a dreadful child, he was.

I was smirking as I watched El-san who was blushing upon watching the unfolding flirting scene in front of her eyes.

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