In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 08


My skin was awfully pale, as if his palm touching my legs sucked off my blood.

I could feel even to the slightest movement of his fingers.

This time, that hand gradually rose up and went inside my skirt.

His fingers followed along the edge of my underwear.

He was touching just above the cloth, as if tracing my skin obscenely, those movement finally leading to my inner thigh.

My legs flinched in reaction to his touch on my pale skin.

Also feeling as if he did something good about it, his fingers strongly pressed on my skin.

With the edge of my underwear slightly peeking out, the next moment, his fingers slid inside it.

I can’t take it anymore!

[………….. Ouch]

Following that, he let out a small voice and let go of my lips.

At the same time, I jumped back instantly when I felt his arms loosen.

In front of me roughly breathing, he intimately let out his tongue which oozed blood.

[Such a bad girl……]

His gaze was sweet but scolding at the same time.

He wiped the blood on his tongue with his finger, and as if showing it off, licked it.

[S-s-s-s-s-sorry! But! That is-!]

I desperately opened my mouth due to the guilt of decisively biting on his tongue.

[Umm, this, if you’re in a relationship doing this and that in a world where marriage is inevitable, this deed when simply put is, umm, I think this is only something you do when you have marriage in mind so it’s better to stop here! If it’s someone as wonderful as you, I believe that mountains of girls would wish to marry you, but if you do these kind of pranks, uhh, you’ll definitely be told to take responsibility! Aaaand so, in short, what I wanted to say is…… Umm, these acts will cause misunderstandings so it’ll be better if you stop it! Oh, of course, I won’t misunderstand! Then, I’m sorry about skipping! I’m going to my classroom!]

I didn’t really understand anymore what I was saying halfway through, but in the meantime, I flew out of the second library hall in a dash after I said my piece.

The chairman was stunned, being alone in the room, he eventually bursted laughing, [Now, I want it to get serious….], he murmured, naturally, there was no way I’d know about it.

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