In an R-18 Otome Game, I Will Protect My Chastity to the End – Chapter 17


It’s just morning and I’m already unbelievably tired.

Eventually, after that, Tonouin-kun silently went to his seat and started looking through his phone, the heroine glared at me while her hand holding the towel started to tremble, and as if fleeing, I repeatedly and meaninglessly flipped through my textbook.

For a mob character like me, isn’t this situation too much a burden for me!? Hey, Tonouin-kun, can’t you be more considerate of me!?

The class started, urged by impulse, I started tapping on my desk, and so the guy seated beside me looked over startled.

Oh, sorry, I was being rude…..

[Hey, Honda—-, aren’t you doing well in the middle of my class?]

Ah, right, we’re in Kurekamiji-sensei’s class right now.

And as usual, the heroine glared at me.

I’m really not trying to get sensei’s attention! Somehow, we ended up continuing a vicious cycle—–……

[Just perfect, Honda. You, be my assistant, lend me a hand.]


The others seemed to REALLY want to do it though?

Heroine-chan’s gaze towards Kurekamiji-sensei displayed visible eagerness, but he completely ignored her.

Sensei, you’re actually aware about it, right!?

Anyways, it’s not like a student can openly voice out their opposition for their own welfare.

I reluctantly stood up and headed towards sensei.

By the way, Kurekamiji-sensei is a chemistry teacher.

In my previous life, I always yelled [White lab gowns are so MOE~!]

[Now then, light the burner on fire.]


I lit the match when the adjustment screw of the burner loosened and the gas flowed out.


The flames suddenly flared up.


Kurekamiji-sensei held me closer tightly.

I smell something strange— Wait, it’s definitely my bangs, my hair got burned!

[…..da, Honda! Are you okay!?]

Sensei’s face peered over.

He gently pulled up my bangs, carefully staring at my forehead.

Whoa, his eyelashes is long!

Hmn, isn’t this….. an event?

[Sensei! I’ll bring her over to the infirmary!]

Just when that voice rang out, my arms were already being pulled at.

They were being quite forceful, it hurt.

Just like that, I was forcefully dragged along, even when I felt like collapsing, my feet kept moving.


Kurekamiji-sensei hurriedly stretched out his hands, but the person pulling me didn’t stop.

When we got out to the hallway, we started sprinting.

The one dragging me by my arm was, as you’d expect, heroine-chan.

Wait, heroine-chan, the infirmary isn’t that way!

After running about a 100-meters, heroine-chan finally stopped when we got to a deserted place, she let go of me and turned around.

Her countenance is naturally just like a Hannya mask.

[Listen here, exactly, what are you trying to do!? You’re getting in my way!]

I’m being yelled at……

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